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Topic: Paging TB re: Station House Pub, Aldergrove

Author: van_can_foos Original Message Posted: Jun 2 2012 1:42AM

TB (Tristan): I wanted to ask you about this here in order to avoid high jacking the other thread...

Please tell me more about this pub in Aldergrove with a Tornado. Iíve never heard about any Tornado tables in the valley (although I havenít exactly been looking for them either). I live just up the highway in Walnut Grove.

I donít think weíve played each other before, but I may be coerced into joining you there sometime for foos. I could come out on a mutually agreed upon Friday or Saturday night from about 8pm to closing.

But first:

1) Did the table seem in decent shape? Did you try out the table yourself?

2) Were you there on a weekend? Do you know if thereís anyone who regularly plays on the table?

Lemme know a bit more about this place & I may join you there sometime.


Author: TB Reply #1 Posted: Jun 2 2012 12:01PM

Haven't been yet, but I've been calling pubs in the valley for awhile inquiring about foos tables. The girl there said they had a tornado. I can do some recon and find out the info and get back to you

Author: TB Reply #2 Posted: Jun 2 2012 11:58PM

Checked out the table on my way home from work. Coin op, needs lube, relatively new table. Didn't get to find out if any regulars play there though.
Earl would you like to play there soon?

Author: van_can_foos Reply #3 Posted: Jun 6 2012 7:01PM

Iím out of town this weekend, but I could go there other Fri or Sat nights. Iíll post here again next week to confirm if either the 15th or 16th will work.

Sorry I donít have any lube though.


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