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Topic: Sunday Foosball Tournaments

Author: Nelson Original Message Posted: Jun 11 2012 12:38AM

After much discussion, I am pleased to announce that we will be running tournaments once again. For the time being they will occur on the FIRST and THIRD Sunday of every month. Tournaments will will start at 8 PM and start by 8:30 PM sharp, no exceptions. Many of us (including me) have to work the next day. If there are good showings on other days and there is someone available to run a tournament then it can be evaluated at that time.

Tournament formats will be decided by the amount of people/type of people that show up. Generally if there are 8 or fewer people then it will be a singles tournament. More than 8 will be a DYP. If there are a lot of beginners/rookies/amateurs, it will be Pro-Am. All tournaments will be unspotted, best 2 of 3, first to 5.

Entry fees will be Beginner/Rookie: Free, Amateur: $5, Expert & Above: $10. The reason why beginner/rookies are free is to help GROW our player base. As a beginner/rookie, many of them do not participate because they feel like they are "throwing their money away" and in reality they are. Players in this category want primarily to have fun and also improve at the same time.

For the reason of keeping it social and respectable there will be zero tolerance policy on unsportsmanlike behaviour. This includes any behaviour such as yelling, cheating, shouting across the table, threatening other players, physical violence, table banter etc. If there is a problem then ask for a ref. If I see any of the above happening I will ask you to refrain from doing so. If this continues to occur I will ban you from my tournaments. This type of attitude has ruined tournaments in the past and I will not tolerate it. If other players report this happening in tournaments during my absence then you will also be banned. Ban lengths will be:

First Occurence - 2 weeks
Second Occurrence - 1 month
Third Occurrence - 3 months
Fourth Occurrence - 6 months
Fifth Occurrence - 1 year

If you are running a tournament and playing at the same time you do not make calls or decisions regarding your match. If there's a problem, get a ref.

Points will still be maintained but merely as a gauge for how new players are improving and as to when they become "Amateur" or "Expert". New players do not get the benefit of being a "Beginner" for 3 tournaments. They will be evaluated based on their skill by those present. The general levels are as follows:

Beginner: New to the game, no ball control, might even spin.
Rookie: Has some ball control, maybe a weak shot but can't move it very far. Makes errors trapping the ball.
Amateur: Has a decent 2 bar to clear the ball, knows concept of blocking "unraceable" shots. May or may not have a 5-bar. May have a 3 bar but not very consistent.
Expert: No need to actually say but generally has some sort of 5-bar and 3-bar.

The first tournament will be this coming Sunday, June 17th.

Nelson. (Don't e-mail me at this username because it's doesn't work)

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Jun 11 2012 1:33AM

Hmmm .. sounds interesting. Fathers Day is June 17th, not sure how that will reflect on participants.

Nice to see someone stepping up to the plate.

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Jun 11 2012 12:43PM

Yea, might be tough for me on Father's Day to be there right at 8.

Can you do editing after a post? I think Nelson meant sign ups at 8 and 8:30 start. Not will will will will will....

Author: Sniff Reply #3 Posted: Jun 11 2012 12:44PM

But awesome for doing this!

Author: Graeme Reply #4 Posted: Jun 12 2012 1:43PM

I'll definitely be interested in coming, most likely 1 time per month.. but can't make Father's day.

I like your categorization of players.

How do you plan on attracting more beginners / rookies?

Author: Sniff Reply #5 Posted: Jun 12 2012 1:45PM

Free Entry seems like a decent start.

Author: Graeme Reply #6 Posted: Jun 12 2012 1:54PM

I agree free entry makes sense.

I was more wondering if any advertising / marketing is necessary to let people know about the tournaments in the first place...

Sign on the side of the table? Craigslist? Facebook / twitter?

Author: Nelson Reply #7 Posted: Jun 12 2012 3:26PM

I think a sign by the side of the table is a great idea. Jeff do you mind running it by Glen? Seeing as how you are at Soho the most. Johnny close second of course.

I'm not sure if people check Craigslist/facebook/twitter but they are still viable ideas and anyone who would like to do so I would encourage.

I will be eventually running beginner/rookie tournaments (like we use to have and what got me started myself). However, I need to ensure there are enough players to run a tournament.

Author: Sniff Reply #8 Posted: Jun 13 2012 2:44PM

soho also has a b board by the washroom

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #9 Posted: Jun 17 2012 8:55AM

Great to see Van foosball events might be back in action. I will let my nephew know about it. Maybe he and his dad will come to the beginners events...

Maybe instead of banning, you could just charge fines. Over the last few years that would have bought quite a few new tables! Ha ha...

Author: TB Reply #10 Posted: Jun 17 2012 6:45PM

Wondering if this is still on for tonight

Author: Robert G Reply #11 Posted: Jun 17 2012 8:09PM

Yes Its still on.... all are welcome
So come on down (-;

Author: Sniff Reply #12 Posted: Jun 17 2012 8:10PM

Yea I'm trying to make it.

Author: Sniff Reply #13 Posted: Jun 18 2012 6:52PM

Hey Nelson et all, is there interest in doing the club thing (looks like Victoria is even doing it).

Could be a way to get more people out, new players etc.

I forgotten most of the details around it, but, it's something.

Author: TB Reply #14 Posted: Jul 1 2012 7:27PM

Happening tonight?

Author: Nelson Reply #15 Posted: Jul 1 2012 8:53PM

Yes. I will attempt to find parking.

Author: Nelson Reply #16 Posted: Jul 15 2012 5:44PM

Yes there is a tournament tonight. July 15.

Author: Sniff Reply #17 Posted: Jul 15 2012 7:50PM

Sweet! I'll be there.

Author: Nelson Reply #18 Posted: Aug 4 2012 6:42PM

There's a tournament tomorrow. August 5th.

Author: Robert G Reply #19 Posted: Aug 5 2012 10:55AM

See you there!!!

Author: The Rook Reply #20 Posted: Aug 5 2012 10:03PM

I was hoping to come down, but my girl was called off tonight. I'm out...

Author: Sniff Reply #21 Posted: Aug 7 2012 6:27PM

Hey Nelson - what exactly needs to be done to get the site fixed now that you have the files? I may have someone that can help out (it's a maybe right now).

Unless Tim. You alive? You alive Tim? Maybe you can help out. Foos is calling you back, you cannot leave the game, you knew this getting in.

Author: Nelson Reply #22 Posted: Aug 7 2012 8:00PM

I need someone that knows ASP/PHP to fix some of the code. I have the domain and domain. But essentially the site uses PHP/ASP with a Microsoft Access Database.

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