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Topic: Tuesday June 12 Results and Points Update

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jun 13 2012 1:36PM

We did a BYP last night where teams point totals couldn't equal over 3000, and I think we should revisit this format again soon (maybe when Christian, Ben, and Simon will come out). To make sure everyone had a chance to win in every game, we did 2 tiers. We had 4 teams in Tier 1 and 6 teams in Tier 2. In Tier 1 we did best of 5's in any money games.

Tier 2 was a fantastic tournament. More than half of the matches were tied at 4-4 in game 3, all to be decided by the final point.

Chad brought Katy back out to foos, and she showed that she can still hang in there. Chad's 5 was very dominant in this tournament, and Katy blocked well too, they played Sir Bob and Mike C in the first match. Chad and Katy took the first game, got up 4-3 in the second game... but Bob and Mike stormed back to take it. In the third game again Chad had a couple shots to win it but Bob and Mike were making really smart switches to get Bob back when blocking Chad. Mike C had his 3 bar rocking a nice pull kick and some powerful open handed shots, and he put it away for the win. All 3 of those games went to 4-4, and the match could have gone either way for sure.

Chad and Katy played Carlos and Brian in the losers side after that one, and again went to 4-4 in the 3rd only to come up short again. They played as good as they possibly could have while going out in 2.

Taras and Marko had just beaten Carlos and Brian, then ended up playing for Kingseat against Bob and Mike. The battle went back and forth with a ton of momentum swings. Taras was hacking nicely from his 2 and 4 men on his 5 row, powerfully picking corners on the net at really sneaky times. Bob can hit the ball as hard as anyone (in the same league as guys like Ray and Rick for pure power) and from the 2 row it is lethal. There is strait up just not enough time to react if you are playing goalie against him, but as a forward maybe you can get a piece of it and deflect it off the table or back towards him.. anyway he was picking holes left and right all night long. Again.. it went to meat ball, 4-4 in the 3rd game. Bob and Mike took it down too.

In the losers side Carlos and Brian stormed back, winning there way to the final and cruising strait through it 4 strait.

In the Tier 1 tournament, Kyle and I won it in quite cleanly. Cam and Mike took a game off us in the first match (Cam was on fire and Mikey blocked me the best of anyone on the night).

1st Will and Kyle
2nd Conrad and Ray
3rd Darcy and Garry

Tier 2:
1st Carlos and Brian
2nd Bob and Mike C
3rd Taras and Marko

Points Update
1st Stranks, Will 1741
2nd Edwards, Simon 1545
3rd Dunn, Christian 1536
4th Wilkins, Ben 1360
5th Kerr, Chris 1209
6 Scaife, Darcy 1206
7 Burgardt, Garry 1165
8 Kwan, Conrad 1134
9 Tse, Desmond 1076
10 Robichaud, Ray 1063
Luft, Carey 1050
Simeon, Jamie 1031
Wilkins, Sam 1029
Spencer, Chad 1022
Gish, Brian 971
Daly, Ritchie 963
Burrows, Cam 956
Pereira, Carlos 956
Smithson, Justin 946
Rupertus, Lindsey 936
Jars-a-lot, Bob 923
Humberstone, Paul 922
Kimber, Daniel 920
Rowein, Devin 918
Jones, Darrel 916
Bozman, Kieran 914
Bombak, Taras 908
L, Tony 899
Johnston, Mike 898
Demelo, Ivor 898
Gallant, Chris 896
Schnieder, Jeff 887
Dick, Matt 882
Wells, Kyle 881
Campbell, Lance 880
Kippen, Rick 874
T, Jeff 870
So, Albert 870
Jones, Carlie 869
Goin, Jake 868
Bombak, Marco 868
Phenix, Garret 867
X, Paul 866
Nasir, Uzair 865
L, Gerald 860
Green, James 859
Deeg, Phil 855
Hopfner, Jordan 854
Belchamber, Mike 853
Jones, Patrick 849
Kelly, Brad 849
Dacruz, Paul 846
Cabay, Codie 845
Roberts, Bill 844
X, Darnel 841
Blair, Scott 840
Coloma, Mike 838
Jordan, Darren 837
Karmis, Pete 835
Marner, Danny 832
x, Liane 832
X, Eric 830
Szajko, Rob 830
X, Elliot 830
Chan, Ed 830
X, Ahmad 828
X, Scott 826
Schiebelbein, Karli 825
x, Ryan 825
Monson, Steve 824
Taft, Spencer 824
Lehman, Blair 823
Volkman, Dallyn 822
Faulkner, Stephanii 822
Wood, Greg 818
Wong, Felix 818
Djakovic, Christoff 816
X, Corey 815
Thompson, Ray 815
Forsythe, Joel 809
W, Garret 809
Procaccini, Tony 808
X, Sam 807
X, Billy 807
Hugenschmidt, Colin 807
Moses, Kevin 807
Phillips, Mike 806
O''Stream, Don 806
Kwan, Maria 805
Jamerson, Rick 805
M, Judah 804
C, Erek 803
Xs, Lee 803
Hasiuk, Jody 803
K, Mike 803
Moir, Zak 803
X, Jarrell 802
Hodinski, Jasmine 801
Bennett, Doug 801
Baayens, Dean 801
Crockett!!, Ben 800
Fylick, Michael 800
Gibson, katy 800
Campbell, Carmen 800
Mothersell, Scott 800
x, Tanveer 800
Lee, Travis 800
Macdonald, Jon 800
Xtra, X 800
Nielsen, Shane 800
Carson, Albert 800
x, Jason 800
xs, Kyle 800
L, Aaron 800
Lalonde, Patrick 800
x, Toby 800
Robichaud, Candace 800
Yeoung, James 800
Wong, Joshua 800
Delorne, Dan 800
X, Bruce 800
Nguyen, Peter 800
Hewson, Craig 800
Gibson, Eric 800
X, Dan 800
yy, Andrea 800
King, Ryan 800
yy, Dennis 800
Nguyen, Dan 800
Castillo, Jonathan 800
Fester, David 800
xxx, Wayne 800
Morvis, Mike 800
x, Janine 800
x, Andrew 800
spencer, jay 800
Jackson, Dan 800
Morvis, Josh 800
Crawford, Adam 800

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Jun 13 2012 2:43PM

Congrats to Chris on hitting top 5, it's not every day I get to post that!

Author: Chris.K Reply #2 Posted: Jun 13 2012 2:50PM

Thanks Will. Thats right, Im so hot right now I don't even have to make it in time for the tournament to move up in the standings. lol, ( just messin )

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Jun 13 2012 3:50PM

Time to start touring Chris!

Author: Cam. Reply #4 Posted: Jun 13 2012 4:29PM

What he said, lets play AM together

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