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Topic: PushShot!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jun 15 2012 2:45PM

It was great to foos with Roger again last night. Kabaaam has more game than a whackamole machine, and so much class too. It is great that no matter what side of the table he is on, the other 3 players all have a good time.

Anyone can have fun foosing with Roger!

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Jun 15 2012 2:47PM

(yes I know this is probalby my 3rd Roger hard-on thread that I have started)

Seriously though, Roger did something last night that totally impressed me - and I can't stop thinking about it, so I just have to publicly commend him. Rog you know what I'm talking about and you know that you are probalby the only player in Edmonton with that much class!

Author: Cam. Reply #2 Posted: Jun 15 2012 4:31PM

I agree completely, my favorite player to play with or play against!

Author: Pushshot Reply #3 Posted: Jun 16 2012 9:47AM

Thanks you

Author: Bank Machine Reply #4 Posted: Jun 21 2012 6:15PM

Ya I agree, Foosing with Rog is always an awesome time. Laughing is good for the spirt, and Rog always loves to have a laugh along with everyone, makes the game so much more fun when. Hope to see ya out tonight Rog. Cheers!

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