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Topic: Foosball BBQ - Fire - Food - Friends - Foosball

Author: Bank Machine Original Message Posted: Jun 25 2012 9:06PM

That's a whole bunch of F-words. Everyone is welcome to come kick off summer with a foos party at our place. We will provide the Burgers and Hot dogs, Please bring your own booze and a snack to share.

We have 6 pinball machines set up downstairs as well as a Tornado table and Fireball table & weather providing we will have a fire going. Ha ha we even have a japanese Slot machine to try your luck on, even better if you understand Japanese

Let us know as soon as possible if you are able to come so we know how much food to purchase. There will also be potato salad, chips and other BBQ staples.

Evryone is wellcome and feel free to bring a friend.
please respond here if you can make it.

Will post address and directions later.

Author: Bank Machine Reply #1 Posted: Jun 25 2012 9:14PM

Party Date is Saturday July 7th. From 5PM to ????? till the last Foosball and player drops!

That being me at 430 AM usually !!!!!!!

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: Jun 25 2012 9:23PM

Yeah Will, post the address and directions.

Sounds like fun to bad a few of us are at Nats

Author: Bank Machine Reply #3 Posted: Jun 26 2012 8:28AM

Who is going to Nationals, and would they come to party if we switched date to June 30th?

Author: S. Edwards Reply #4 Posted: Jun 26 2012 8:51AM

Will, Ben, Christian and I. The 30th is a club foos event.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Jun 26 2012 1:29PM

How about on Canada day?

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #6 Posted: Jun 26 2012 1:47PM

Canada day would work for me too, maybe an earlier start would be necessary though!

Author: Bank Machine Reply #7 Posted: Jun 28 2012 2:10PM

We are switching this even to Saturday July 14th.
please post here, on the facebook page here!/events/196459677147666

Looking forward to a great night of foosin.
hope to see you there.

Ray 780-907-4401 also can text me to confirm.

Author: Bank Machine Reply #8 Posted: Jul 10 2012 11:22AM


We will have AC in the rec room so it will stay nice and cool. Suppose to be temps of 29 outdoors.This will be a great way to stay cool and get your foosball in as well. Hope to see you all there including the Alberta Champions! Congrats you guys great work!

We will also be having a BBQ and serving up free hamburgers and smokies. BYOB, and if you like a snack such as chips, cheezies, nuts, or other. If you havnt been here before and need address please call or txt me 780-907-4401

Party starts at 6Pm See you Saturday!

Dont be a douche play foos!

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Jul 12 2012 3:15PM

I'm in! Can't wait!

Author: Pushshot Reply #10 Posted: Jul 16 2012 3:17AM

Thanks for hosting a great party.

The new games were fun to play
Sorry i broke your pac man game & your slot machine My Bad :(
We even got Richie dancing LOL
Can't wait for the next one.

The foosball was fun as well

Author: melanoir Reply #11 Posted: Jul 16 2012 12:14PM

yeah i had a blast...thank you very much for hosting

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