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Topic: US Nationals Charts

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: Jul 5 2012 1:07PM

Barry and Ben going for 2nd in Handicapped doubles right now, good playing guys!

Author: JeremyR Reply #1 Posted: Jul 5 2012 5:57PM

Looks like Ben is guaranteed at least 3rd in Am singles, still on the A side. Go Ben!

Author: .Garry Reply #2 Posted: Jul 5 2012 7:02PM

Ben has KS in am singles-linda guaranteed 5/6,
Barry still alive as well.

Master going- Simon & Will playing in B side-Barry & Justin also alive

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: Jul 5 2012 7:04PM

Barry out.

Linda won Women's expert singles


Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Jul 6 2012 12:31PM

Ben is on table 1 live streaming, watch the final now at

Author: Darcy Reply #5 Posted: Jul 6 2012 1:14PM

And Ben takes first in Am singles. Started watching in the final game but it didn't look like he even lost a game.

Good Job Ben, way to represent that jersey!

Author: .Garry Reply #6 Posted: Jul 6 2012 3:59PM

Will is playing Ryan Moore-too bad it's not streaming

Author: Sniff Reply #7 Posted: Jul 6 2012 5:29PM

Woah some crazy old school players at this tourney, makes me wish I would have went. Nathan Winter, Merlin Arment, Don Chalifoux! wtf. crazy.

Looks like a good but hellllla tough tournament.

Author: spinner Reply #8 Posted: Jul 6 2012 7:53PM

What site is streaming on?

Author: spinner Reply #9 Posted: Jul 6 2012 7:54PM


Author: Darcy Reply #10 Posted: Jul 6 2012 10:43PM

sooooo Open Singles, some expert named Don Buczkowski knocked spredeman and loffredo to B side and will play Ryan Moore for King seat... crazy but it's awesome to see some new blood in the top 5 at a big event.

Author: Desmond Reply #11 Posted: Jul 6 2012 10:55PM

Looks like he took Gummy out earlier on as well. He took out some big names! Pappas sure didn't have a great showing in open singles either.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #12 Posted: Jul 6 2012 11:04PM

I watched the last two games between Buczkowski and Loffredo.Loffredo seemed lethargic and did not play the way he normally plays,which included passing on the far wall--not his forte.

Author: Will Reply #13 Posted: Jul 7 2012 3:16AM

Live stream is:

Ben played amazing in Am singles, it was super fun watching it. He got beat 2 strait in the first match, but made a great adjustment and steamrolled him in the second set two strait as well.

Don Buczkowski beat 4 Pro Masters in his 5 matches on the way to the kingseat game. Its fun to see, he's only 19.

Christian and Moya are on fire in Super Doubles, in the money for at least $600 and still in the winners.

My game against Ryan was 4 games all 5-4, I took the second one but really he was always in control of the match. I forfiet out because I was 12 minutes late in the losers side, which sucked a bit - in the tournament room but didn't hear the intercom because it's so quiet in the pits.

Overall its a really fun tournament. The room is filled with people and the tables are playing great.

Author: Darcy Reply #14 Posted: Jul 7 2012 2:56PM

Will playing Christian for 5/6 in Expert singles, still on a side. Each have a good shot at 1st!

Author: Darcy Reply #15 Posted: Jul 7 2012 7:47PM

Will won that one and then the next one. He is playing for king seat next!

Nice work Will!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #16 Posted: Jul 8 2012 12:29AM

Will, if you don't win expert singles we're revoking your citizenship!!!

Author: Darcy Reply #17 Posted: Jul 8 2012 9:15PM

Will takes second in Expert singles through a really tough field Christian takes 9th and Team Alberta wins the North American cup Expert division!

Author: Darcy Reply #18 Posted: Jul 9 2012 10:25AM

and... Ben and Jen take first in Am doubles

Then Linda and Will take Designated mixed. Good tournament for Alberta overall!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #19 Posted: Jul 9 2012 3:39PM

Great playing everyone!

Author: spinner Reply #20 Posted: Jul 9 2012 7:08PM

Congrats Ben!! You kick ass.. double dipping with a girl too!!

Author: Darcy Reply #21 Posted: Jul 9 2012 7:23PM

And just when you thought it was getting to politically correct around here.

good save Tuan!

Author: Darcy Reply #22 Posted: Jul 9 2012 7:24PM

too even

Author: Will Reply #23 Posted: Jul 9 2012 11:57PM

To be fair to Jennifer Caron, she scored like a machine from her 2 row. That girl has a long pull that puts most peoples to shame. Ben and Jen were down 2-0 in the third game against Mike Stahl and Mike Bridgeman, and she scored 2 in a row to pull them even.

Ben smoked everyones 5's in the am competitions though, and shot really well too. It was a dominant performance by Ben to take singles and doubles.

In the team event Ben and I got some good revenge on Ross Lantzy too, he had beaten Ben at worlds last year a few times in the Am division...

In the team event we played 3 games, and beat them 5-1 5-2 5-4, for a total of 15-7 (+8). Matches were decided by total point differential, so that was a very important matchup in the final.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #24 Posted: Jul 10 2012 12:18AM

Tuan,ha ha,you don't mean to suggest that girls playing foos is like watching paint dry?I mean,I wouldn't want put words in your mouth or anything.Just kidding,buddy!!

Author: Linda Reply #25 Posted: Jul 10 2012 2:04AM

Tuano you make it sound like having a female partner is a handicap (I know you don't mean it that way though). I assure you that Jen is any BUT a handicap. She's a ridiculously strong goalie (defensive and offensive).

Either way, their run for the Am dubs title was awesome to watch. They kept each other in the matches and were cool as cucumbers the entire time. It was fun getting to cheer team Bennifer on in the finals. Only sucks that it wasn't recorded.

Canadians in total I believe claimed 6 first place finishes (Am singles & doubles, expert womens singles & doubles, designated mixed and the open dyp2). And don't forget team Alberta taking home the NA Cup Title in the Expert divisions.

I'll update more later...just got home...fricken drained. Cheers folks!! =)

Author: spinner Reply #26 Posted: Jul 10 2012 4:40AM

You guys got me wrong... I meant double dipping with girl is a bonus!
Who knows.. she might be hot, Ben could have crush her.. extra brownie points for taking her to the promise land. hehehe

Author: Linda Reply #27 Posted: Jul 10 2012 9:50AM


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