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Topic: Regional Level Tournament in Edmonton!

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Aug 10 2012 2:55PM

Next weekend we will be doing another regional level tournament in Edmonton! This should serve as a really good World's warm up for all you travelling folk. And it might be worth while to come in from Calgary or Saskatchewan if you have some time too! It will count for every type of points that are we play for, so show up for this one!

Women: Free
Beginner: $5 per event
Amateur: $10 per event
Expert: $15 per event
Pro: $20 per event
Pro Master: $25 per event

BIG $$$$ DYP: $100 added, $10 per player( All ranks and genders)

Friday Night August 17th
Big $$$ DYP: 7:30
Open Mixed: 9:30
Goalie Wars: 11:00

Am Doubles: 4:00
Open Doubles: 6:00
Open Singles: 8:30

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Aug 10 2012 3:35PM

"All ranks and genders"

What if you are unsure of your rank...or for that matter your gender?

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Aug 10 2012 4:46PM

Garry, you are a Pro - I'm very sure of your rank.

Author: Linda Reply #3 Posted: Aug 12 2012 3:30AM

At Time Out??

Trophies in this one as well? And I'm assuming on Tornado's??

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Aug 12 2012 1:19PM

Yes, at Time Out. Yes, 3 Tornado's.

Trophies? I dont know. Do people want to pay the extra $10 bucks as "Registration" to go towards trophies? Personally I'm ok with it either way.

Author: C.A.L. Reply #5 Posted: Aug 12 2012 3:01PM

Not large enough of an event for them really.

Maybe a food/drink special might do better for everybody, including people whom may only play in a couple of events due to other restrictions.

Author: Linda Reply #6 Posted: Aug 13 2012 11:15AM

Okie dokie...was just curious. Trophies or not isn't a big deal to me.

If i can wrangle another person from Calgary to go and split a hotel, I'll probably go up for this one. Will keep you guys posted.

Author: Linda Reply #7 Posted: Aug 16 2012 10:15AM

Doesn't look like i'll be making the drive up. Sorry guys...have fun!

Will - are you guys holding any big tourneys this year?

Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Aug 16 2012 3:23PM

Probably nothing bigger than this type of event, maybe Canadian Nationals in October depending on whether we get other applications to host the event.

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #9 Posted: Aug 17 2012 12:03PM

Looking for another Amateur to pair up with for Amateur doubles tomorrow.

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Aug 17 2012 12:58PM

Who is planning on coming up from Calgary? Anyone going to make it out tonight? We can set you up with someone for sure if you can't find anyone.

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Aug 17 2012 2:16PM

I can draw people into the DYP if they are comin out tonight too!

Author: Will Reply #12 Posted: Aug 17 2012 2:16PM

Just let me know if you are on your way and running late, that is.

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #13 Posted: Aug 17 2012 2:58PM

I am coming from Calgary, should be there about 7:15 or so for DYP.

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Aug 17 2012 3:01PM

Ok, my cell is 780-340-4222, if you are running late shoot me a text. Any other Calgary foosers coming for the ride?

Author: tony Reply #15 Posted: Aug 17 2012 4:26PM

Lee can play. He would be a good AM doubles partner for anyone looking.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #16 Posted: Aug 18 2012 12:32PM

Nice to see Greg Ustina back out for some foos action.

When Greg, Tom, Garry and myself were on the table we had a combined age of 198

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #17 Posted: Aug 19 2012 8:05PM

Any results to post from Saturday?

Author: .Garry Reply #18 Posted: Aug 19 2012 9:18PM

Not official-I am going off memory.

2nd- Christian

1st-Ben & Will
2nd- Christian & Simon
3rd-Tony & Garry
4th-Carey & Ritchie
5th-Greg & Tom 6th-?

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