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Topic: any rooms avail at worlds?

Author: foosghost Original Message Posted: Aug 14 2012 12:53AM

Anyone got an extra room they can give to me? or a spare bed?

I left things too late, and it appears things are sold out.

Eric Dunn

Author: Robert G Reply #1 Posted: Aug 17 2012 10:08PM

Call me

Author: foosghost Reply #2 Posted: Aug 22 2012 2:01AM

I'm either going to get Darcy's room or Mary is going to set me up to share with someone else

Thanks though

Author: F.Q. Reply #3 Posted: Aug 23 2012 8:09AM

Sorry Eric, I snuck in and grabbed Darcy's spot already.

Author: Pixel Reply #4 Posted: Aug 24 2012 12:44AM

No you didn't. Darcy gave his room to Mary. You're in Jeff stepp's room.

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