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Topic: Todd and Rico vs Ryan and Diaz

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Aug 14 2012 1:31PM

Here is a big match from the Hall of Fame classic in Vegas a couple years back. I posted it on here before and talked about the same thing I'm mentioning now, but a lot of people that read this board now didn't used to read it when it was originally posted.

Watch the whole thing if you want, or just skip to the 8:05 mark. Ryan takes a time out with the ball on his 3 bar looking to eliminate Todd and Fred from the tournament. He lines up a snake shot and makes his read... Todd puts on a display of what makes him the best goalie in the world(IMO).

Todd (the goalie) has somehow got Ryan Moore figured out for timing. He can tell right when he is about to shoot. Ryan waits a few seconds then shoots a pull side, if you watch where Todd is blocking... he spreads out and covers deep on both sides of the net, leaving the middle WIDE open right when Ryan shoots. Todd blocks it and the ball goes back to Ryan. Ryan does another snake shot but goes push side, and Todd times him and spreads wide leaving the middle open again, so me makes the block. The ball goes back to Ryan, and Todd does the same thing again, leaving the middle WIDE OPEN. Ryan shoots push side again and the rest is history.

The lesson to learn from this for a lot of the players that come out to our league night is this: If you are always covering the strait, then one of either the push or pull side is open. You will get lit up because it is EASIER to pick a side than it is to time a middle for a lot of snake shooters. Some players are good at picking middles, others not as much. You can't just leave it open the entire time (usually) but you definitely can't cover the middle the whole time either. Watch the best and learn from it!

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Aug 14 2012 3:19PM

And.... you'll notice me in the crowd at 3:32.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Aug 14 2012 3:25PM

Seriously though, watching that again... that was the very definition of clutch foosball.

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Aug 14 2012 3:37PM

Darcy is practically a celebrity!

Author: Superfly Reply #4 Posted: Aug 14 2012 3:58PM

Rule #1 for defending against most Americans ... they are long happy .

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Aug 14 2012 4:01PM

who isn't long happy?

Author: Darcy Reply #6 Posted: Aug 14 2012 4:13PM

Long roller happy?

Author: Superfly Reply #7 Posted: Aug 14 2012 4:45PM

Will, you shoot like an American lol ... Darcy ... even their "dink" shots are long .

Author: domi nate Reply #8 Posted: Aug 14 2012 4:52PM

or he just got lucky 3x in a row...

Author: S. Edwards Reply #9 Posted: Aug 14 2012 5:02PM

I heard there was another video that Darcy was in from last years Worlds

Author: Pixel Reply #10 Posted: Aug 22 2012 11:10AM

It's worth noting that for the entire game (I can't speak to the rest of the match), Ryan did not even attempt to shoot a single middle. He shot corners and either was blocked or scored. So, for the most important ball, I would think that Todd noticed this, and played the percentages. This is definitely something all goalies should keep in mind when they're playing and as the match develops - you should mentally be keeping track of when and where the forward is shooting, and what his subsequent action is the next time he gets the ball (depending on whether he scored or was blocked).

Author: Sniff Reply #11 Posted: Aug 22 2012 12:44PM

worth noting again, that some players keep an ace up their sleeve, a hole, or a fake/twitch that makes another hole open, for the whole match. And when they really need this ace, either match ball, game ball, or 3-2 whatever, they use it. Tony for 1 is notorious for it. He will score when needs it because he saw something at the beginning of the match and kept it.

Author: domi nate Reply #12 Posted: Aug 22 2012 4:25PM

I tested closing my eyes and just moving my goalies around randomly and I blocked a shot.

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