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Topic: Oregon - Western Open 2 - Fireball - Oct 12-14

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: Aug 14 2012 5:40PM

Looks pretty decent.

Author: Viper Reply #1 Posted: Aug 15 2012 9:21PM

Yeah until you look at the entry fees!

Author: Robert G Reply #2 Posted: Aug 15 2012 9:57PM

Hmmmmm Singles $75 Doubles $25 for 7 & 8's
no listing for DYP, GW, FSh
hotel 71 per night
Tim Seniors is only $40.....
not to mention its in portland again long drive and its fireball

Author: Nelson Reply #3 Posted: Aug 16 2012 12:24AM

You go for the tournament but stay for the late night Jack in the Box.

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