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Topic: Loads of Advice

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Oct 6 2012 2:27PM

I'll warn that I haven't read all of this recently... But as far as I remember most of it is great advice for non-pro players wanting to strengthen certain aspects of their game.



3-bar shooting


Pull Shot" id="Override" target="New">
Moving Straight
Open Hand:
04Dec2005 - Louis Cartwright from the 2-bar:
04Dec2004 - Dave Gummeson:

Push Shot

04Dec2005 - Is the Rollover the best shot?:


Brush pass

Stick pass

Catching the pass


Goalie defence


5-bar defence

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Oct 6 2012 2:28PM

Oh yeah. I jacked this from, its not my list but I thought it would be handy to have it as a reference in our forum too.

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