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Topic: Colorado State

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Nov 3 2012 4:14PM

Jeff n Jeff are sitting 3rd or better ... lost king seat to Ezequiel and Peros.

Live Streaming (not working in my Chrome browser) ...

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Nov 3 2012 5:02PM

Pro Dubs: Woo Hoo ... go for it guys !!!

Author: C.A.L. Reply #2 Posted: Nov 3 2012 9:06PM

Jeff A. + Jeff P. double dip to take Pro doubles.

Author: van_can_foos Reply #3 Posted: Nov 4 2012 12:22AM

Way To Go JEFF!! (and Jeff)!


Author: discosucks Reply #4 Posted: Nov 4 2012 5:18PM

awesome! congrats you guys!

Author: C.A.L. Reply #5 Posted: Nov 5 2012 12:13AM

Jeff Allen + Jeff P. took 4th in OPEN doubles also.
Good job!

Author: supergifted1 Reply #6 Posted: Nov 5 2012 5:39AM

good work guys!

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Nov 5 2012 10:18AM

that was a pretty tough field too, nice work guys!

Author: Sniff Reply #8 Posted: Nov 7 2012 1:43PM

Thanks everyone. Was super tough. I didn't touch a drink for Pro or Open Dubs. Every other event I tried to have fun in, and the results showed. hahaha.


Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #9 Posted: Nov 7 2012 6:34PM

Congrats Jeff. Can't think of a tougher State tourny!

Author: Will Reply #10 Posted: Nov 8 2012 3:25PM

Congrats Jeff, great playing and fantastic results.

Author: dfnder Reply #11 Posted: Nov 9 2012 8:15PM


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