Topic: Wed Foos

Author: Sniff Original Message Posted: Nov 14 2012 11:57AM


You back in town?

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Nov 14 2012 5:32PM

Ha, just remembered to check the board ... got a new laptop and just setting things up on it ... Windows 8.

I'll whip myself into shape and header on down ...

Author: Sniff Reply #2 Posted: Nov 21 2012 11:30AM


Seeing how the main Wednesday thread got deleted....

Author: Superfly Reply #3 Posted: Nov 21 2012 4:38PM

I guess so, It'll give me a reason to shave .

Author: Sniff Reply #4 Posted: Nov 28 2012 11:22AM

JB!Shave day.

Author: Superfly Reply #5 Posted: Nov 28 2012 12:42PM

Yeah, gonna need more practice if i want to win Rookie Singles ... .

Author: Sniff Reply #6 Posted: Dec 5 2012 11:44AM

JB - Rookie Singles practice time!

Author: Superfly Reply #7 Posted: Dec 5 2012 1:43PM

Yeah, I guess ... can't stay long.

Author: Sniff Reply #8 Posted: Dec 12 2012 12:29PM

Jean B. Van Damme? Tu pret pour l'abolition?

Author: Superfly Reply #9 Posted: Dec 12 2012 12:46PM

Oui Jeffrey, c'est vous qui sera supprimé .

Author: Sniff Reply #10 Posted: Dec 19 2012 2:01PM

superfly! you sledding down later?

Author: Superfly Reply #11 Posted: Dec 19 2012 3:03PM

Not sure, been shoveling wet heavy-ass snow for hours and traffic is bonkers. Power outages everywhere, maybe Soho is closed?

I'll know more in a few hours ...

Author: Superfly Reply #12 Posted: Dec 19 2012 7:08PM

Looks like things are settling down, should be there around 8'ish ...

Author: Sniff Reply #13 Posted: Dec 26 2012 3:13PM

Jb what ya thinking?

Author: Superfly Reply #14 Posted: Dec 26 2012 3:48PM

Is it even open, I'll giver a go if it's open ...

Author: Sniff Reply #15 Posted: Dec 26 2012 6:10PM

Should be. Was just closed on Xmas eve and Xmas.

Author: Sniff Reply #16 Posted: Jan 2 2013 12:45PM

Jbvd - still in retirement?

Author: Sniff Reply #17 Posted: Jan 23 2013 5:06PM

I think robert and ubermuchnenein is coming out. not sure about jbvd or ms or philly.

Author: Sniff Reply #18 Posted: Feb 20 2013 3:02PM

jodog. lemme know if you comin out. need to practice a bit.

Author: Superfly Reply #19 Posted: Feb 20 2013 3:33PM

Yeah, was planning on it ... 8'ish .

Author: Sniff Reply #20 Posted: Feb 27 2013 1:40PM

let me know supafly. pretty tired, but, def need practice.

Author: Superfly Reply #21 Posted: Feb 27 2013 2:05PM

Yeah, was planing on 8'ish ...

Author: Sniff Reply #22 Posted: Mar 6 2013 2:22PM

JB You heading?

Author: Superfly Reply #23 Posted: Mar 6 2013 3:02PM

Yeah, gotta see if the new stuff is repeatable ... around 8'ish .

Author: Sniff Reply #24 Posted: Mar 6 2013 7:31PM

Whaaaaa? What year is this? Back pins are not new.

Author: tomschopsuey Reply #25 Posted: Mar 11 2013 10:24AM

Is there any doubles foos this week? I'm in from Regina and staying downtown. Looks pretty convenient to get to Soho from the 4 Seasons.

Author: Sniff Reply #26 Posted: Mar 11 2013 1:06PM

hmm. not sure. bunch of us show up on Wed. and Fri to play, and if there is enough peeps, we play doubles. Same with Saturdays. I'm there most nights otherwise myself.

Author: tomschopsuey Reply #27 Posted: Mar 11 2013 1:30PM

Ok cool. I may see you Wednesday night.

Author: Sniff Reply #28 Posted: Mar 13 2013 1:22PM

jbvd - you headin?

Author: Superfly Reply #29 Posted: Mar 13 2013 1:42PM

Not feelin' it anymore ... but I should be down around 8'ish.

Author: Robert G Reply #30 Posted: Mar 13 2013 8:15PM

c u there

Author: Superfly Reply #31 Posted: Mar 27 2013 3:57PM

Should be down around 8'ish learning a shot for next year .

Author: Sniff Reply #32 Posted: Mar 27 2013 4:24PM

Be there soon after.

Author: Sniff Reply #33 Posted: Apr 3 2013 4:05PM

JB you still working on your shot?

Author: Superfly Reply #34 Posted: Apr 3 2013 5:26PM

Bah!!! As you wish ... around 8'ish ...

Author: Sniff Reply #35 Posted: Apr 10 2013 2:06PM

JB you playing? I should be there sometime.

Author: Superfly Reply #36 Posted: Apr 10 2013 2:45PM

Yeah, I gotta get my fix in as I'll be out for about 6 weeks after my Surgery . I should be there around 8'ish ...

Author: Robert G Reply #37 Posted: Apr 10 2013 7:03PM

cu 8ish

Author: Superfly Reply #38 Posted: Apr 17 2013 5:05PM


Author: Sniff Reply #39 Posted: Apr 17 2013 5:16PM

thought you were on medical leave! I can come down just after 8 to smash some pulls.

Author: Superfly Reply #40 Posted: Apr 17 2013 6:11PM

Nah, med leave starts next wed ... I should be down around 8'ish to stop said smashing .

Author: Robert G Reply #41 Posted: Apr 17 2013 6:51PM

gerry called he said he will be down around 10 and I think he was trying to get earl tuan and harvey too come down too

Author: van_can_foos Reply #42 Posted: Apr 17 2013 7:27PM

Ya, I'll be down around 10pm. Earl

Author: TB Reply #43 Posted: May 1 2013 12:41PM

Schools out, foos is in

Author: Sniff Reply #44 Posted: May 1 2013 1:02PM

i'll be there but a bit later than usual.

Author: Superfly Reply #45 Posted: May 1 2013 1:31PM

Bah, my Doctor/Surgeon says 2 weeks minimum before foosball ... one week to go .

Author: Superfly Reply #46 Posted: May 8 2013 2:14PM

At doctors, waiting for approval ... will let you know heh.

Author: Superfly Reply #47 Posted: May 8 2013 6:55PM

Should be down 8'ish ...

Author: Superfly Reply #48 Posted: May 15 2013 2:13PM

WSO practice anyone ... should be down around 8'ish

Author: Sniff Reply #49 Posted: May 15 2013 6:26PM

I'll be there at some point.

Author: Superfly Reply #50 Posted: May 22 2013 11:23AM

Should be down 8'ish ...

Author: Sniff Reply #51 Posted: May 22 2013 3:29PM

yea i should be there at some point..

Author: Superfly Reply #52 Posted: May 29 2013 10:03AM

The de-con-struc-tion of Je-ffi-ah ... 8'ish

Author: Superfly Reply #53 Posted: Jun 5 2013 3:26PM

Jeffiah foosey ... I should be there 8'ish

Author: Sniff Reply #54 Posted: Jun 5 2013 6:12PM


Author: Superfly Reply #55 Posted: Jun 12 2013 3:12PM

Should be down around 8'ish ... Jeffiah

Author: Superfly Reply #56 Posted: Jun 19 2013 5:51PM


Author: TB Reply #57 Posted: Jun 19 2013 6:51PM

You bet

Author: Superfly Reply #58 Posted: Jun 26 2013 2:21PM


Author: Sniff Reply #59 Posted: Jun 26 2013 3:51PM

I'll be there.

Author: Superfly Reply #60 Posted: Jul 3 2013 4:01PM

Last chance saloon ...

Author: Sniff Reply #61 Posted: Jul 3 2013 6:37PM

okie doke.

Author: Superfly Reply #62 Posted: Jul 10 2013 12:07PM

Last train to Clarksville ...

Author: Sniff Reply #63 Posted: Jul 10 2013 1:36PM

I don't get that reference. I do believe I have a dollar I can spare for tonight. I'll bring that jug down too.

Author: Superfly Reply #64 Posted: Jul 10 2013 5:15PM

Was the Title of The Monkees very first song ... don't forget that awesome bag that goes with the jug .

Author: Sniff Reply #65 Posted: Jul 10 2013 6:01PM

i've been using that bag!

Author: Superfly Reply #66 Posted: Jul 10 2013 7:18PM

Oh okay, you can keep it Jeffiah .

Author: Superfly Reply #67 Posted: Jul 17 2013 11:28AM

Ding Dong ... .

Author: Sniff Reply #68 Posted: Jul 17 2013 3:45PM


Author: Sniff Reply #69 Posted: Jul 24 2013 4:23PM

flat foot - you coming out? I got an empty jug for ya.

Author: Superfly Reply #70 Posted: Jul 24 2013 6:36PM

Yuppers ... should be there 8'ish.

flat foot ... WTH ??? I'll have you know my arches are just fine thank you .

Author: Superfly Reply #71 Posted: Aug 7 2013 5:35PM

Author: Sniff Reply #72 Posted: Aug 7 2013 5:43PM

i'll scrape up some shrapnel and come down.

Author: Superfly Reply #73 Posted: Aug 14 2013 1:54PM

Mmmm double Caesar's .

Author: Sniff Reply #74 Posted: Aug 14 2013 2:48PM

i'll bring my bells.

Author: Superfly Reply #75 Posted: Aug 21 2013 3:12PM

Something wicked, this way comes. Hmmm ... must be my back pin Jeffiah .

Author: Sniff Reply #76 Posted: Aug 21 2013 3:32PM

I got some shrapnel to scrape together apparently.

Author: Superfly Reply #77 Posted: Sep 4 2013 12:49PM

Is it Wednesday already ... never too early to practice for HOFC .

Author: Sniff Reply #78 Posted: Sep 4 2013 2:38PM

If I can find 10 dimes, I`ll be there.

Author: Superfly Reply #79 Posted: Sep 11 2013 2:55PM

If I can find 20 nickles ... 8'ish.

Author: Superfly Reply #80 Posted: Sep 18 2013 1:33PM

If I can find 8 bits, I'll be there around 8'ish.

Author: Sniff Reply #81 Posted: Sep 18 2013 1:58PM

Today's wednesday? i have 95 cents, if i can find a can on my way home i'll be there.

Author: dfnder Reply #82 Posted: Sep 18 2013 7:16PM

With a nickname like that you can't find a little more?

Author: Superfly Reply #83 Posted: Sep 25 2013 6:48PM

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah ... around 8'ish Jeffiah !!!

Author: Superfly Reply #84 Posted: Oct 9 2013 6:44PM

Should be down 8'ish ...

Author: Superfly Reply #85 Posted: Oct 16 2013 2:37PM

Should be down around 8'ish ...

Author: moyatielens Reply #86 Posted: Oct 19 2013 4:41PM

Wednesday foos anyone??

Author: Superfly Reply #87 Posted: Oct 19 2013 7:35PM

Hey, that's my shtick !!!

Author: moyatielens Reply #88 Posted: Oct 19 2013 7:52PM

Gemma is coming too, just fei (for everyone's information). See what I did there?? :p

Author: moyatielens Reply #89 Posted: Oct 24 2013 9:41PM

Soooo much fun!! John, I hope I said thanks for shots. And if I didn't you can smack me next Wed. But, sincerely, thank you. You're a sweetie. And thanks for your encouraging words too. I will need all the help I can get. :p

Nice to see everyone again.

Hahahah, doubt he reads the board, but who knows...special thanks to Terry Lee for making sure I got to hit the dance floor for a bit!!

Momma's gotta get her dance on!! :p

Gemma....was super AWESOME playing with you. Really hope you can make CO!! Would love to kick some booty with ya. :)

Author: Superfly Reply #90 Posted: Oct 25 2013 3:27AM

Yeah, was a lot of fun ... and you're welcome. From what I saw your reading and timing and execution were working perfectly against Harvey's D .

It's why I chose to straight race you ... same result unfortunately for me lol.

It was a pleasure to see you and Gemma kick some of the guys asses ... made me more than smile. Oh wait ... you kicked mine too ... never mind haha .

Mitch where are you ??? come out next Wednesday and lets blow the roof off of SOHO !!! You too Gerry etc ...

Author: Superfly Reply #91 Posted: Oct 31 2013 3:29AM

I know it don't mean shit to no one .. but this was my last time playing. Was good to see some great players out.

Take care everyone, I will miss you all .

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #92 Posted: Nov 8 2013 1:53AM

Johnny retired - say it ain't so...

I know first hand that the best part of retirement is coming out of it for select events. So, in an effort to get Johnny to un-retire - this year’s Freddy Classic is on!

I will still be bringing silly gifts from China but let's rebadge this thing to try to get attendance up.
Announcing: the 2013 Vancouver Foosball Reunion Foosball Fun Event. Roto Dubs. Don’t wanna Roto? Sure, just add a point to your team handicap AND give up the coin toss.

Date tbd, but thinking late December. Not on Christmas day but around the time many are taking off for holiday or at least can bring their hangover to work. Denny’s afterwards of course. What dates works for peeps?

Bonus creds for wearing ugly shirts. Double bonus for getting the seldom seen legends out: Tim, Mitch, Robbie, Pete, Moya, Gerry, Slow, and many others. Earl , Jeff, Tuano, Robert: I am counting on you guys to attend and to spread the word. I will post this in its own thread too. Dave, where are you these days?

New players are double invited so you can smash us and we can have someone to tell how good we used to be...

I am looking to arrive in mid December and be jet lagged for a bit then leaving in early January. I should be down during the week though to get the feel of a Tornado again.

I know foos is not much fun these days in Van but the Freddy Classic events are usually fun. Trash talking is kept to a minimum. And a good time to re-tell the old war stories from the past. Oh, trash talk or bad behaviour is fine. As in you pay a fine! $5 or drop a game. That should make it fun...

Maybe even some VanIsle legends can sail on by?

Please spread the news and let's see how the thread goes. Good luck to those going to Colorado State. Good luck to me at next big Shanghai Event in early December and Bad friggin luck to anyone foolish enough to challenge me at the Freddy Classic, I mean Vancouver Reunion Fun Event. Kidding (sort of)...



Author: Superfly Reply #93 Posted: Nov 12 2013 2:03AM

Yeah, not gonna happen Fred. But I will treat you to Rodney's, looking forward to that ... foos, I'm afraid not.

Author: Superfly Reply #94 Posted: Nov 27 2013 1:09AM

Any foos happening today, may saunter on down that way for a b-day quaff or two ...

Author: Brilliant.Sugar Reply #95 Posted: Nov 27 2013 9:36AM

I'll be there tonight, probably show up around 8.

Author: Sniff Reply #96 Posted: Nov 27 2013 12:44PM

Yea - I'm playing tonight too. Got something to work on..

Author: Superfly Reply #97 Posted: Dec 4 2013 4:13PM

Anyone braving the cold tonight ?

Author: Superfly Reply #98 Posted: Dec 11 2013 11:31AM

Slush N' Mush Wednesday anyone ...

Author: Superfly Reply #99 Posted: Dec 18 2013 1:50PM

Same time ... same Bat channel ... .

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #100 Posted: Dec 18 2013 2:21PM

Tuan and I down 7:30ish. Not sure if my jet lagged brain will be coming or not though...

Robert says he is coming around the same time.

Should be fun!

Author: Superfly Reply #101 Posted: Jan 8 2014 4:11PM

Blustery foosday, should be there 8'ish ... .

Author: Superfly Reply #102 Posted: Jan 15 2014 12:58PM

Hiddy ho 8'ish I go ...

Author: discosucks Reply #103 Posted: Jan 15 2014 6:23PM

see you then.

Author: Superfly Reply #104 Posted: Jan 22 2014 3:44PM

Gonna try'n learn a roller ... 8'ish .

Author: Robert G Reply #105 Posted: Jan 22 2014 7:39PM

C u 9:30ish

Author: Superfly Reply #106 Posted: Jan 23 2014 9:59AM

I got nothin' .

Author: Superfly Reply #107 Posted: Jan 29 2014 12:35PM

Come on down and get your practice in. Last week before ball. I should be down around 8'ish .

Author: Superfly Reply #108 Posted: Feb 26 2014 4:34PM

Vegas practice ... should be down around 8'ish .

Author: Superfly Reply #109 Posted: Mar 12 2014 4:03PM

Gotta start my practice for next year ... gonna learn a roll over if it kills me. Should be down around 8'ish ...

Author: Superfly Reply #110 Posted: Mar 19 2014 11:22AM

Almost did me in ... still hangin'on. Should be down around 8'ish ...

Author: Sniff Reply #111 Posted: Mar 19 2014 12:55PM

I got 10 dimes and a bitch ain't one. May come down for one.

Author: Superfly Reply #112 Posted: Mar 26 2014 8:55AM

Roll-Over Beethoven, should be down around 8'ish ...

Author: Superfly Reply #113 Posted: Apr 2 2014 12:51PM

Rollin' right along ... should be down 8'ish ...

Author: Sniff Reply #114 Posted: Apr 2 2014 4:12PM

cool. I should be down to club some seals later.

Author: Superfly Reply #115 Posted: Apr 9 2014 6:07PM

Monkey roll continuum ... 8'ish .

Author: Superfly Reply #116 Posted: Apr 14 2014 2:05PM

Wednesday foos on Monday ... thinkin' bout headin' down tonight ... anyone ?

Author: Superfly Reply #117 Posted: Apr 14 2014 6:25PM

Okay, Wednesday it is ...

Author: Superfly Reply #118 Posted: Apr 16 2014 10:36AM

Rollin' on ... 8'ish .

Author: Sniff Reply #119 Posted: Apr 16 2014 1:27PM

been a very foosful week, will be down after my fois gras.

Author: Todd Reply #120 Posted: Apr 30 2014 4:22PM

Where and when can I find foosball in Vancouver? This page seems to be the most up to date... is there a regular place people play?

Author: Superfly Reply #121 Posted: Apr 30 2014 6:49PM

We usually play Wed and Fri around 8 pm onward.

I should be down aroun 8'ish as usual .

Author: TB Reply #122 Posted: May 14 2014 6:05PM

Tonight lads?

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