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Topic: TKO Live Charts and Streaming Video

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Jan 24 2013 5:48PM

Starts Friday night


Streaming Video:

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Jan 24 2013 5:48PM

Go Darcy!

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Jan 25 2013 1:37PM

Go Barry Willick!

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: Jan 26 2013 10:38AM

Go Darcy

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Jan 26 2013 5:25PM

Congrats Darcy on winning Rookie Singles... Nice work dude.

Darcy is also playin the losers bracket final in Amateur Singles. Lets see you kick some ass and get to that final.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Jan 27 2013 5:49PM

Congrats on Am singles as well, comes with a jacket too! Good job. Barry took 2nd in Am doubles also so congrats to both of you. Keep at it!

Author: Linda Reply #6 Posted: Jan 27 2013 8:37PM

Just won rookie doubles too! I woulda given him shit if he didn't...their opponents were a couple scrubs and their forward refused to shake hands after the first set. And not like he "forgot"...straight up waived off the hand shake.

Author: Linda Reply #7 Posted: Jan 27 2013 8:38PM

I don't think they've got jackets for the TKO this year? Looks like just packages and trophies i think

Barry and Matt got 2nd in Am Doubles as well. Good job!

Author: Linda Reply #8 Posted: Jan 27 2013 8:55PM

LOL just realized i repeated what Will said. Oops =)

I haven't seen Darcy play since last years HOF. It's looking awesome!

Author: Darcy Reply #9 Posted: Jan 29 2013 4:42PM

Thanks guys, it was tiring playing that many events and doing well but i'm glad the arm held up through the weekend. Doesn't hurt to add a couple of trophies to the wall either!

Getting to 3rd in the open dyp playing forward and getting 2nd in the roto dyp only losing to Ryan Moore and a pro were both cool too. I hit a squeeze shot from the back to the far side of the net while Ryan was in net to boot. Pretty good weekend overall!

Also... flippies for days.

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