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Topic: Western Canada

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: Feb 6 2013 11:48AM

Hey guys,

I know it's been talked about before and there was a moderate level of interest but I'd really like to start talking about some kind of a Western Canadian Super Series going. Having teams represent all of the major cities in Western Canada would be amazing and I think if we worked together we could probably generate some sponsorship money too.

Is there still any interest out there at all? Who would we have for rosters if we played a world cup style top 7 players format from each city?

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #1 Posted: Feb 6 2013 12:13PM

Simon, Will, Ben, Christian, Darcy, Garry and ? would make one hell of a team

Author: Cam. Reply #2 Posted: Feb 6 2013 12:28PM

Why just Canada? we should have it open to any city that wants to send 7 players. We could host it somewhere in western Canada but not have it limited to that.

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Feb 6 2013 12:47PM

In my mind, it's alot easier to maintain focus and articulate the type of tournament you think people would enjoy with a smaller format, and just because it's smaller doesn't mean it wouldn't hold the same value as a large one.

I'm not opposed to having others join in the fray but I think the first one has to be more about getting a certain level of cooperation behind the competition. If we could get reps and players from each city to commit to working to get this off the ground i think it could grow legs of its own and really be something special that we, as Canadians, can look forward to.

Author: Will Reply #4 Posted: Feb 7 2013 3:42PM

I really like the idea Darcy! If we could get it set up in a public place - and instead of having open events have a big team event, I think that is the best way to do it.

Then we can have beginner/newbie events too and publicize the event a ton.

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