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Topic: Washington State Open

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Feb 14 2013 7:05PM

The Country Inn & Suites Hotel in Bothell, for the 4th year in a row, will host the Washington State Open Foosball Championships! This year, the biggest Foos tourney in the Northwest, will be on.......

May 17th-19th, 2013

The Monday following is Victoria day, so that presents a good day to recover and relax after a hard weekend of foosin!

There is no flier out yet, but it will have all the usual events, such as Friday DYP, Open Doubles and Singles, Amateur Doubles and Singles, Mixed, 13 Limited Pro/Am, and the Women's, Juniors, Seniors events too.

Last year there were well over 100 players, and we had two mini-vans packed full for a big road trip from Edmonton.

The hotel is built for players to have a lot of fun, the courtyard in the middle is perfect for going for a swim/hot tub, and there is a bar/kitchen available all weekend on site. Liquor is available in same parking lot as the hotel as well as subway and quiznos. Lots of food and drink options!

The tournament itself is also really good. Its a 3 day event and is really well organized. It's on Fireball tables, and the Amateur division is much easier than if you were to go to a full fledged major event like Vegas or any IFP event. The best Am players from Edmonton or other Western Canadian cities certainly have a shot at winning that event.

I'm going to plan the trip again this year, so let me know if you want to come! I'll post lists on here of whoever tells me they are in. Then I'll look into booking a big van (I want a 15 seater mini bus this year!). Once I figure that out I'll ask for deposits to cover gas/rental of the vehicle - and then once everyone has paid I'll book the vehicle and we'll all book our own hotel rooms.

Time to line up partners also!

Author: Will Reply #1 Posted: Feb 14 2013 7:09PM

We'll start driving on Thursday evening May 16th and then we'll be home on Monday the 20th at noon. Monday being a holiday means one day off work.

Hotel rooms are really cheap, and they come with two queen sized beds in different rooms if you book it right. You can do quad occupancy and then the room costs are super cheap. My estimate for entire weekend costs is under $500 per person including entry fees, gas, rental, hotel, food, and booze.

Author: Cam. Reply #2 Posted: Feb 15 2013 2:44PM

You know I'm in for this again! It's a blast every year!

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Feb 17 2013 1:57PM

Last year we ended up having to rent two minivans instead of one really big van because we waited too long. I'm going to start collecting $50 deposits right now. I want a 15 seater, and we'll bring 10-12 people so we have extra room for sleeping and stuff. It's on May long, so book the Friday off ASAP because other people at your work will be trying to get it off too! There isn't a better way to spend your may long than this!

I want to do the booking on March 1st, so give me your deposit by then!

Author: Chatter_Box Reply #4 Posted: Feb 23 2013 1:29AM

Benny and I are in for sure! So sad we missed out last year Going to be a blast this year tho!!!!!

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Feb 23 2013 1:55PM


Thats enough for a trip in my books, but it would be nice if we can get a few more!

Christian? Kyle? Wayne?

Author: domi nate Reply #6 Posted: Feb 23 2013 3:14PM

pick me up in Red Deer?

Author: Dylan Reply #7 Posted: Feb 23 2013 4:29PM


Author: Will Reply #8 Posted: Feb 23 2013 5:26PM

I think we will drive the other direction this time, its faster to go west before south from Edmonton.

Author: Chatter_Box Reply #9 Posted: Feb 23 2013 7:17PM

It sure would be awesome if some saskatchatoonians came too!!

Author: Chatter_Box Reply #10 Posted: Feb 23 2013 7:17PM

It sure would be awesome if some saskatchatoonians came too!!

Author: Will Reply #11 Posted: Feb 24 2013 1:54PM

Yeah! It was awesome having them come along last time! See what you can put together for a crew Dylan!

Author: Sniff Reply #12 Posted: Feb 25 2013 1:44PM

You Albertans are CrAzy!!

Author: Cam. Reply #13 Posted: Feb 25 2013 4:09PM

I realized that this overlaps with another trip I have planned! I won't be able to make it this time

Author: Will Reply #14 Posted: Feb 25 2013 4:14PM

You won't be able to make your other trip? That is a shame.

Author: Darcy Reply #15 Posted: Feb 25 2013 4:15PM


Author: WELL-ZE Reply #16 Posted: Feb 25 2013 4:52PM

I will likely be going! However many things can happen between now and then (sick kid, loss of job, moving, irate wife). I will have to let you know later.

Author: Darcy Reply #17 Posted: Feb 25 2013 4:54PM

See Cam, you have to commit to your excuses before you commit to your trip. Kyle knows what's up.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #18 Posted: Feb 25 2013 5:04PM

BOO YEAH!!! Darcy are you going to try make this event too?

Author: Darcy Reply #19 Posted: Feb 26 2013 4:45PM

Nah, likely only going to have two more tournaments in me this year. Vegas for sure and maybe nats or worlds.

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