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Topic: HOFC Partners

Author: Tim Original Message Posted: Feb 16 2013 9:23PM

I am looking for partners for Vegas. I have a few maybes, but nothing confirmed yet.

I am up for either forward or back, depending on the event and partner. My five is pretty hot right now, and I am shooting fairly well. My shooting from back isn't dialled in, but I can block, pass and clear.

Post or email me if you are interested.

Author: Tim Reply #1 Posted: Feb 19 2013 11:20AM

I have partners for Amateur Doubles and Expert Doubles.

I anyone is still looking for a partner for Pro, Open or Elite Doubles, let me know.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Feb 19 2013 1:09PM

I need a roomie for Vegas, I already have a room booked. Anyone interested?

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