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Topic: Canadians foosing State side ...

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Feb 24 2013 8:52PM

Just got myself a smart phone and did some digging around for cell phone talk + text + data rates, to say the least.

Found this local company that should take the fear out of using your phones State side.

I just bought a SIM card from them and all I need to do now is unlock my phone and buy a plan.

Hope to be using this at HOFC this March.

Author: Pixel Reply #1 Posted: Feb 25 2013 2:51PM

Alternatively, I use T-Mobile:

Unlimited talk, text and 2G data for $2 per day that you use it
Unlimited talk, text and first 200MB of data at 4G (then unlimited at 2G) for $3 per day

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Feb 25 2013 3:10PM

Very useful information guys. Thanks.

Author: Sniff Reply #3 Posted: Feb 25 2013 6:02PM

How do you apply the plan to phone? I couldn't figure it out from the site.

Author: Pixel Reply #4 Posted: Feb 25 2013 7:36PM

Are you asking me or Superfly?

Author: Superfly Reply #5 Posted: Mar 6 2013 11:58AM

Okay, phones unlocked and just bought my 7 day plan. For those of you that are trying this I just found a 25% discount code from their Twitter feed.

The code is SXSW2013. So I got 7 days of unlimited talk and text within the US and to Canada, plus 700MB of data after discount ... $23.48

Did you hear in the news a few days ago about that Burnaby father who got dinged $22,000 for 700MB of data in Mexico . Would have been less than $40 on this plan.

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