Topic: Time Out Singles and Pick up games

Author: Will Original Message Posted: Feb 28 2013 2:44PM

Singles Tournament at 8:30
$10 entry

We're trying to keep it relatively small, 6 - 8 players. Then we'll do a round robin where everyone plays against all the other players once. Whoever has the best record at the end wins it!

One table will be left available for pick up games!

See you tonight

Author: david N Reply #1 Posted: Feb 28 2013 7:13PM

sorry, I am new to this sence,

it would be great if some one post the location so others can come and watch and maybe pick up a some new trick.

Thank you
David N.

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Feb 28 2013 7:50PM

Time Out Pub - 96 st and 66 ave!

We love having players come check it out, and everyone is friendly. Come on out tonight if you can.

Author: david N Reply #3 Posted: Mar 1 2013 12:29PM

special thanks to Will and everone that was at TO. we had a great time, everyone was friendly. TO was really far from where i live however it was totally worth the drive.

Once again thank you.

Author: Cam. Reply #4 Posted: Mar 1 2013 12:48PM

Do you live closer to the north side? There are some tables at Dukes! Thursday nights are when most people go there.

Author: Will Reply #5 Posted: Mar 1 2013 1:40PM

Thanks for coming out David! It was great to meet you and your buddies. Beer Hunter (7522-178 st) in the west end is the best table close to where you live.

There aren't a lot of league players there on most nights (every second Tuesday there is a league match) but you can usually get a game against people just hanging out there, or you can bring your friends and play.

Come out on Thursdays (Dukes or Time Out) and Saturdays (Time Out) also!

Another option if you want to keep Foosing is to put your name on the sub list for teams when they are short players on Tuesdays - or you could start your own team if you have 3 other players to tag along with you.

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #6 Posted: Mar 1 2013 1:44PM


It was great that you came out last night. As I was telling you at TO, we have a league which you should join! I noticed you had a couple of buddies that came out with you, you guys should put a team in! Everybody in this league is super friendly and you will learn a lot from playing with these guys/girls
give me a call if you are interested

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