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Topic: Intercity?

Author: Nathan S Original Message Posted: Mar 8 2013 12:48PM

I have been talking with some Saskatoon players recently about the possibility of an intercity tournament between the two cities. We were throwing around possible times in late April or early May. Due to Regina having more active players and table availability right now, the tournament would take place on a Saturday in Regina. I am trying to gauge interest if we would have enough to participate. Also, if players from other cities see this, feel free to attend if it goes forward. Please post up if you would play or have any ideas.

Author: Barry Reply #1 Posted: Mar 8 2013 9:51PM

I would definitely be interested in this. I would vote for April 27th to put enough time between it and Vegas yet not get too close to the weather that will give most foosers better options than spending a Saturday in a bar.

Author: Danny Bonaduce Reply #2 Posted: Mar 9 2013 7:18AM

I'm in.
Barry I second your vote for the weekend of the 27th.
I think this will be a huge success.

Author: Hack Reply #3 Posted: Mar 9 2013 9:15AM

I'm in....I'll see if I can convince Jeremy to bring his pregnant ass out to.

Author: Nathan S Reply #4 Posted: Mar 12 2013 12:09AM

Date is still up for debate, so far April 27 seems to be a popular vote. I think if we get at least 10 foosers from Saskatoon, this would be feasible. Spread the word and tell them to post up if they can make it.

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