Topic: Foos tonight at Champs

Author: WELL-ZE Original Message Posted: Mar 9 2013 12:13PM

Hey guys it is Saturday Night Foosball time. I am heading down to Champs tonight where Darcy and I have installed a brand new T3000. Be the first to break it in and meet us (so far Roger, Shane, Wayne?, Ricardo? and me)for a few games.

ADDRESS 11712-87 ave (just off UofA campus)

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #1 Posted: Mar 9 2013 12:21PM

I will be there for 9 pm

Author: Will Reply #2 Posted: Mar 9 2013 12:23PM

Sounds like a nice place for a small get together. If we had more than 8 people show up it would suck though. I'll come check it out!

Author: .Garry Reply #3 Posted: Mar 9 2013 12:55PM

Is it just west of the Butterdome?

Not able to make it, have plans already.

Have fun foosin'

Author: WELL-ZE Reply #4 Posted: Mar 10 2013 1:27PM

Champs was a blast. Great staff, food and beer. Ricardo, Roger, Ritchie, Shane and I played to 4 am before the lights came on (ok i guess it was 3 am with a bonus hour)!!! Thanks boys for help Christen the new table ;)
At the peak of the night there was easily 200 patrons and all of them seemed excited to see the new table. I think they were even more shocked to see bad boy Penner's hammer.
I really hope several of these kids get more interested and put a couple of teams together for league.

Author: Darcy Reply #5 Posted: Mar 10 2013 3:15PM

Sounds like it was a good time, hopefully we can make it a more regular Saturday affair!

Thanks for getting this going Kyle!

Author: Bank Machine Reply #6 Posted: Mar 11 2013 12:50AM

congrats on the new table, sorry missed it. will check out another day. Sounds like it was a good time.

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