Topic: Revised 2013 schedule and please welcome Champs

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Hi folks,

The schedule has been updated. Two "scores" columns have been added to track scores. I may back track all of the old scores and add them in if I get time. Once again team captains can ask for the spread sheets at the end of the season to make sure the points are accurate. The next change to the schedule is two teams will now be calling Champs pub home! BTY (T1) and DasFoos (T2). I talked with Kyle Jones who is happy with the change because it alleviates the burden of picking up all his team mates from dorm and shuttling them around; now they just have to cross the street

I would like to welcome Champs to the league. This venue is located two blocks west of the Butterdome on UofA campus. Darcy and I will soon be running two tables out of this location. I highly encourage league members to show up at this location and coach the young foosers who congregate there. As the boys witnessed on Saturday this location is bumbing!! Besides the cold beer and hot grub there is loads of young ladies and the crowd is friendly.

I truly believe that for this league to move forward we, the league, need to market foosball to a younger audience. It was highly unfortunate that the league was asked to leave Gateway because there was 6 tables in one location to attract a large crowd (pros, experts, and newbies). Putting tables in at EandC and other locations around the outskirts of the city (dukes, BHW) has helped keep the sport alive (post gateway) and also allowed the league to expand outwards from TO. I think it is important that experienced players frequent these locations, scout for talent, play/coach them to get them motivated and pull them into the league. This is how you grow the sport and bring new talent into a pool of existing players. Darcy and I are hoping to frequent Champs and another undisclosed location Simon is working on. We will keep you guys updated and hopefully you can join us.

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These are really interesting new developments. Sure is good to be in a College or University base, obvious bigger younger crowds at such locals to get new people to just play the game.

Needs to check out the Champs site.

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