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Topic: Vegas Brackets & Streaming

Author: .Garry Original Message Posted: Mar 20 2013 9:53AM

Author: .Garry Reply #1 Posted: Mar 20 2013 9:55AM

Live streaming

Author: BoozeFoos Reply #2 Posted: Mar 20 2013 2:39PM

Thanks, Garry

Author: Will Reply #3 Posted: Mar 20 2013 3:46PM

Good luck everyone!

Author: .Garry Reply #4 Posted: Mar 20 2013 8:48PM

Darcy does have a 2 bar!!!

He beat 3 or 4 people in goalie wars already.

Good luck to all Canucks- especially the 1st timers.

Author: .Garry Reply #5 Posted: Mar 20 2013 8:51PM

Spree must hate playing Canadians in

Author: TB Reply #6 Posted: Mar 20 2013 10:38PM

Stream working for anyone? I'm getting nothing

Author: .Garry Reply #7 Posted: Mar 21 2013 12:14AM

Don't think it will be up until Thursday at the earliest.

Author: spinner Reply #8 Posted: Mar 21 2013 1:44PM

Congrats Gingell on winning the dip!! Taking out Sprederman along the way....hahah

Author: Will Reply #9 Posted: Mar 25 2013 6:37PM

Congrats to Darcy and Chris for winning Handicapped doubles, you guys killed it beating Tony Spredeman and Rob Mares before winning in the final.

Also Darcy and Mario A for 2nd in Master Limited, and Chris for 2nd in Rookie Singles.

Mario I and Sean Lee for kicking ass in several events but winning Pro Doubles.

Overall for Canada a pretty decent tournament. Darrel P had a great finish in Expert Singles too.

It was exciting watching the charts. I wanna see some Highs and Lows from all of you!

Author: Darcy Reply #10 Posted: Mar 25 2013 10:20PM

Thanks Will.

Mario and I would have won Master limited too but I had to catch my flight at 9 am this morning right after we took king seat. Left the tournament room at about 6:50am to check out and get to the airport, I'm exhausted. Mario was trying to work out a split with the guys for that event so we may end up getting the Master Limited 1st place trophy anyway, we'll see how it goes. He was on fire, we beat Tony and his partner 5-0, 5-1. Was good to finally get to see his game up close, he can do anything with that ball.

High was definitely winning Handicapped Doubles with Chris, he was a rock back there and kept us in games long enough for me to do my thing. we lost our first match to a couple of beginners and fought our way all the way back to the final from the losers bracket where we double dipped the other guys in straight sets, only needing the 1 goal spot they had to give us in the last game.

Another high was seeing all of the canucks out again, 40+ strong and some good results too, it makes these longer tournaments much more enjoyable when you have people to root for. Getting to watch Chris and Cam at their first major was awesome too, it looks like they both soaked it in.

Low was anything Ted and I seemed to do together turned out horribly, which is a departure from how well we played last year. I didn't do well in any of my ranked events, I should have won am singles. The guy who ended up winning it was a guy I beat in the first round. Props to the field though, it was by far the most competitive amateur class I've ever seen.

Author: Darcy Reply #11 Posted: Mar 25 2013 10:42PM

Oh, and getting 9th in elite singles and doubles was great too.

I had scott o'hare down 2 games to none and had a 4-3 lead in the fourth game but he turned it on and managed to beat me, otherwise it would have been a match vs david vick, who I've had success against in the past for 4th place. Scott ended up winning the event so I feel a little better about that after all, he's a really good player.

Author: Superfly Reply #12 Posted: Mar 26 2013 2:39AM

"Left the tournament room at about 6:50am to check out and get to the airport"

That's just plum loco ...

Author: Cam. Reply #13 Posted: Mar 26 2013 12:03PM

I had a lot of fun for my first tournament, I wish I didnít enter in as many events as I did. My wrist is still sore and blistered from everything. It was awesome to have so many Canadians there to cheer for. I am really stoked that Mario and Sean won pro doubles, great playing guys! I met a bunch of awesome people and learned a lot. Chris and Darcy you both played great this weekend, congrats on your big win. Chris I canít believe you would be happy to score a long pull against Tony and Rob.. how rude. :)

My highlights were having a formal complaint sent in that Chris and I were too good for beginner, beating quite a few people that I had no right beating. Playing with Dylan in pro was fun, we decided not to discuss anything and just play, shooting sling shots in the back and passing off of the back wall paid off! we took down the 5th seed. Stuffing Mark Kraus was memorable as well. I remember playing Ezequiel and Kraus in open doubles with Chris and being in disbelief that we were tied 4-4. One of the best moments was when I was playing a handicapped match, the other team called a timeout and I turned around just in time to see Linda score a slingshot against Ryan to win her game!

Author: Chris.K Reply #14 Posted: Mar 26 2013 12:21PM

Well, I had a really good time at the foos Marathon.

Highlights: For sure The Handy Capped doubles with Darcy. Had some really hard matches to fight though but when your forward is shooting 90% or better it sure takes the pressure off. Match with Spredeman and Mares was intense but Darcy was really on fire and pulled us through that one. Thanks again to Matt B for all the great advice and tips for the whole weekend.

Highlights: Playing with Cam was great. When I struggled Cam would elevate his game and just take it over. We play really well together. Cam's 5 row was really on fire, I knew that it was pretty solid but when the game was on the line Cam was a rock. Made passed and Killed shots deadman style. Thanks again Cam for playing with me.

Highlights: Beating CHAD LOESSBERG in Expert singles was a rush. 30 seconds into the match I realized that he was really skilled and really intense to play against. Went to 3rd match but I was able to finish him with a Euro pin. Probably a match I should not have won.

Highlights: Rockie singles final. Damn, Z German was tough and double dipped me for the win. Nice guy and great player but still a match I feel I could have played better in.

Not much I can think of for Lowlights. Really had a great time at my first Major.

Author: Cam. Reply #15 Posted: Mar 26 2013 12:50PM

Also watching Ice Junior play in person blew my mind! I had no idea how good a 9 year old could be (or 12, I forget) either way this kid was talented. It was one of my hardest matches. minus playing Chris in singles. Both of us knowing eachothers game so well of course it went 5-4 in the third game. both of us having shots to close it out. I remember Chris afterwards saying that he had to have two smokes just to relax after the match. Great playing all weekend!

Author: perennial underdog Reply #16 Posted: Mar 27 2013 10:46PM

Nice playing,Darrel.I watched your final on live streaming.I kept screaming pass the ball back to your two bar and shoot that laser like pull shot,which you can seemingly place anywhere at will.Didn't you hear me?

In any event,for some one who comes out and plays every lunar eclipse,you should be pleased with your result.Also,for whatever reason,the better player doesn't always win.

Author: Will Reply #17 Posted: Mar 28 2013 12:13PM

great job to all the Canadians!

Author: Sniff Reply #18 Posted: Mar 28 2013 6:45PM

Some sick results from all you Canadians, way to rip shit up.

Highlight for me, playing less tournament foos than I ever have and being out of the room much more than at any other tourney. Best decision I ever made, too many events is brutal, I'm going to stick to 2 or 3 moving forward. I also stopped giving a shit, which, I think makes me a better person.

Good Job all.

Cam let us know when you get down here, I'm looking at sunshine outside right now. 15 throughout the weekend. Reminds me of vegas.

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