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Topic: Nats in St. Louis

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: Apr 17 2013 3:55PM

Any interest in fielding a provincial team for Open this year?

Definitely high on my list of tournaments to get to, I think we'd have a strong contender if we got some of our higher end expert's and pro's out!

Author: Linda Reply #1 Posted: Apr 21 2013 2:00PM

I'm waiting for a flier to be released before making a decision on going. It's a "highly likely" for me.

Would love to defend our Alberta Expert title from last year (still need to have my time with the team trophy haha)

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: May 13 2013 12:43PM

here's the flyer, would be awesome to get a group together for this. You'd think somehow we could field a team of 6 between calgary and edmonton!

Author: Linda Reply #3 Posted: May 14 2013 11:01PM

Come on people! We need 6!! I'm booked

Author: Darcy Reply #4 Posted: May 16 2013 4:20PM

Sorry Linda, it's only worth it to me if we can field a team for the NAC and it doesn't look like that's going to happen this time out. Good luck down there though!

Author: foosghost Reply #5 Posted: Jun 9 2013 4:15PM

Any traction on this - (I think i can play with AB folks seeing as we're neighbors)

I've just booked everything to go to my first Nationals.

I usually have family obligations around July 4th - so have never been able to go before.

Looking forward to it.

Author: Linda Reply #6 Posted: Jun 9 2013 4:25PM

Pretty sure i'm the only one going from Alberta...atleast as of right now.

Author: Pixel Reply #7 Posted: Jun 13 2013 2:00PM

You guys can pretend to be from Ontario. We're all just one big province, right? :)

Author: Linda Reply #8 Posted: Jun 13 2013 7:20PM

Sure! Just bring us a couple Ontario shirts? Lol

Author: foosghost Reply #9 Posted: Jun 14 2013 6:46PM

I'm sure if we tell them that BC and Alberta are just cities in Ontario, they'd be none the wiser

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