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Topic: Runaway Bay/Worlds

Author: S. Edwards Original Message Posted: May 3 2013 11:51AM

Runaway bay 25,000 Super Doubles - From Brendan

Guaranteed on August 23 - 25. A 25k super doubles Guaranteed! I have already ordered a huge stock of Crown and I am going to find a rare bottle of Crown that only the Canadian foosers will be allowed to share with me. I have just been too busy to make the exact breakdown.... but I can tell you it will be at least 3k for first place with winners of OD, SemiPro Doubles, WD, Semi Womens Doubles, Amateur Doubles and maybe senior and junior doubles all making the play off with a spot system.... all winners will be able to shoot roll over in playoffs except winners of open doubles. Of course there will be all the standard Runaway Bay tourny characteristics of warrior girls, golf carting adventures, etc.=

So far Darcy, Christian and I are Planning on going. this is on the weekend before worlds. It would be great if we could get a few more to go.

There are other activities planned for a couple of the days between the two tournaments

Kimber - you should get in on this one!

Author: Mike Reply #1 Posted: Jun 24 2013 5:55PM

Im looking for partners for Runaway Bay and Worlds in August. ..designated as expert localy and with 'new player' status in the US, I believe I can choose from several doubles events. Lets start with a trophy in Super Doubles at Runaway Bay Texas!
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