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Topic: 2013 Worlds

Author: Superfly Original Message Posted: Aug 30 2013 5:32PM

And we're underway for this years edition of Worlds in Grapevine Texas ... as Jimbo would say .



Go Canada !!!

Author: Sniff Reply #1 Posted: Aug 30 2013 11:08PM

Nice Eric. Happy for you. Keep going and rip it up.

Author: Superfly Reply #2 Posted: Aug 31 2013 4:10PM

Queens Seat for Linda in Womans Open Singles

Author: BriL Reply #3 Posted: Sep 1 2013 7:15PM

Congrats Linda, World Women's Singles Champion!!!!

Author: eradicator Reply #4 Posted: Sep 4 2013 3:27PM


Author: TR Reply #5 Posted: Sep 9 2013 9:59PM

I don't look at this board too often anymore, but what a nice surprise! Way to go Linda! Calgary's first World Champ! (in foosball)

Author: Linda Reply #6 Posted: Sep 12 2013 2:55PM

Thanks guys! Still can't believe it

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