Topic: New to Vancouver

Author: gemma Original Message Posted: Sep 9 2013 10:24PM

Hi Vancouver foosers,

I just moved here from NorCal and I'm looking for some foos action :) Do you guys regularly meet up to play?


Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Sep 10 2013 11:35AM

Hi Gemma. There's a few of us that play Wednesdays and usually a few more on Fridays.

The place is Soho Cafe and Billiards at 1283 Hamilton Street in Yaletown.

Just 2 Silver Sided Tornado's with updated handles and side strips ... the goal edges are chipped and the balls are like ice cubes, but that's all we got.

The level of play is quite good but you're probably use to better if you've been playing State Side .

Author: gemma Reply #2 Posted: Sep 10 2013 1:25PM

Thanks for getting back to me! And as for level of play, I know there are some great players here!! Plus, Canadians have been causing havoc on tour over the last couple of years

What time do you guys normally play on Wednesdays and Fridays?

Author: Sniff Reply #3 Posted: Sep 10 2013 2:54PM

8 or so people start piling and then. There's usually people playing every night, with tournament guys on wed and friday and sometimes saturday.

Author: Nelson Reply #4 Posted: Sep 10 2013 5:09PM

Parking can be a bit of a pain downtown (expense) so most of us show up around 10 when the meters are free. Well, I do that for Fridays anyways.

Jeff is the only guy that plays every night but only because he lives there.

Author: gemma Reply #5 Posted: Sep 11 2013 12:48AM

Awesome, thanks for all the info. I'll definitely try to drop by this week!

Author: Superfly Reply #6 Posted: Sep 16 2013 3:16AM

Hey, that was a fun night for a change ... just wish I could have stayed longer. Gerry and German Mike even showed !!!

Gemma's got game for sure ... welcome to Vancouver Foosball.

Oh, and thanks for the new tables Pete and to Harvey for telling me how to play on them lol .

Author: Cam. Reply #7 Posted: Sep 16 2013 2:03PM

I am also new to Vancouver, I moved late last week. Ill come out Wednesday night for a bit!

Author: Sniff Reply #8 Posted: Sep 16 2013 2:23PM

I don't live there....sic.

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