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Topic: Clubs/club heads out west?

Author: Pixel Original Message Posted: Sep 12 2013 10:19AM

Hi guys,

So, a while ago, TSAC requested that all clubs sign up on the NING website. Obviously, some did, some didn't and some left out some information.

Now, with TSAC restructuring and becoming an official not-for-profit, they're looking to get this information set up and documented for near-future use.

So, I'm wondering if you all can help out - can we compile a list of clubs and the people that lead them (and their emails) from out west?

EdmontonFoos is listed on the NING site, but has no president. Will, I kind of assume that's your spot. ;)
ReginaFoos is listed, but, again, has no president.
On top of these, I'm pretty sure there's other cities that have regular DYPs/pick-up games, but didn't register with NING.

Any help would be awesome guys.

Author: Pixel Reply #1 Posted: Sep 12 2013 10:21AM

An example of that last one would be CalgaryFoos btw - who heads that setup? I know there's tons of players out there!

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