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Foosball Tournament
DOUBLES tournaments for Beginners/Rookies ONLY
Sundays - 7pm
Soho Bar with Billiards
1283 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Each Month
1st Sunday Draw Your Partner
2nd Sunday Roto Doubles
3rd Sunday D.Y.P.
4th Sunday Roto Doubles
in the event of a 5th Sunday
it is a Bring your Partner

Tournament format will be double elimination
matches (best 2 of 3 games)
ITSF Rules will be used (

This tournament is intended for Players that maybe are not new to the foosball table but new to tournament Foosball. Players that have refined games capable of competing with known tournament or Ranked Players will not be allowed to enter. The purpose is to promote foosball growth by getting foosball players together and introducing those who enjoy the game to a tournament setting. Proper etiquette and game sportsmanship is mandatory for continued play in the event.

If you don't have a Partner come to the tournament and pick one up!

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