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Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Original Message Posted: Nov 8 2013 1:54AM

Johnny retired - say it ain't so...

I know first hand that the best part of retirement is coming out of it for select events. So, in an effort to get Johnny to un-retire - this yearís Freddy Classic is on!

I will still be bringing silly gifts from China but let's rebadge this thing to try to get attendance up.
Announcing: the 2013 Vancouver Foosball Reunion Foosball Fun Event. Roto Dubs. Donít wanna Roto? Sure, just add a point to your team handicap AND give up the coin toss.

Date tbd, but thinking late December. Not on Christmas day but around the time many are taking off for holiday or at least can bring their hangover to work. Dennyís afterwards of course. What dates works for peeps?

Bonus creds for wearing ugly shirts. Double bonus for getting the seldom seen legends out: Tim, Mitch, Robbie, Pete, Moya, Gerry, Slow, and many others. Earl , Jeff, Tuano, Robert: I am counting on you guys to attend and to spread the word. I will post this in its own thread too. Dave, where are you these days?

New players are double invited so you can smash us and we can have someone to tell how good we used to be...

I am looking to arrive in mid December and be jet lagged for a bit then leaving in early January. I should be down during the week though to get the feel of a Tornado again.

I know foos is not much fun these days in Van but the Freddy Classic events are usually fun. Trash talking is kept to a minimum. And a good time to re-tell the old war stories from the past. Oh, trash talk or bad behaviour is fine. As in you pay a fine! $5 or drop a game. That should make it fun...

Maybe even some VanIsle legends can sail on by?

Please spread the news and let's see how the thread goes. Good luck to those going to Colorado State. Good luck to me at next big Shanghai Event in early December and Bad friggin luck to anyone foolish enough to challenge me at the Freddy Classic, I mean Vancouver Reunion Fun Event. Kidding (sort of)...



Author: van_can_foos Reply #1 Posted: Nov 8 2013 12:46PM

You know I'll be there! I haven't been down in a while; but I intend to be competitive in the "Ugly Shirt" and "Trash Talk" departments at least.

Looking forward to it!

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