Topic: Late December Event - part deux

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Original Message Posted: Dec 11 2013 3:43AM

No new posts allowed so will bump.

I arrive next week. Not sure how jet lagged or what internet access I will have so thought i would ask now.

Are we a go here for a reunion event? What day and time works? Maybe some people can make a few calls in case others have stopped checking here totally?

Or something else...



Author: Sniff Reply #1 Posted: Dec 13 2013 4:34PM

It's been talked about for sure, I know even Mikey S brought it up. I think we just need to pick a date. I'm good for most evenings.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #2 Posted: Dec 14 2013 8:03PM

Should we say:

Sunday December 29th - Vancouver Foosball Reunion Event

Early bird warmup singles at 7 pm - one game race to 7. Then 9ish - BYP Handicapped Roto Dubs 2/3 games to 5. Ugly shirts, old war stories are great. Unfriendly trash talking is not. Denny's after is a given.

If you want to have some warmup games on other days email me at

I arrive on the 17th but will be jet lagged for a few days.

Hoping Jeff, Johnny and others can help me to work on a few things while there. Email me if into playing or practicing.

Please spread the word to Tim, Mitch, Robert, Nelson, Harvey, Slow, Pete, Moya and everyone else.

See you then if not before.



Author: Superfly Reply #3 Posted: Dec 17 2013 3:47PM

Well it's the 17th, welcome back to Greycouver Freddie. I'm sure you will be too Jet Lagged for Wednesday. Maybe you'll be good to go for Friday ...

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #4 Posted: Dec 17 2013 10:03PM

Local number until Jan 7 is 778 980 4742.
Can't sleep but also can't keep my eyes open. What time u guys play to tonight?

Friday might work...

Author: dfnder Reply #5 Posted: Dec 18 2013 11:19PM

Sunday time will not work as I am doing Rookie/beginner stuff

good to have you back in town

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #6 Posted: Dec 19 2013 8:31AM

Understood. Glad to hear rookies out and learning the game. Let me check for another day.

Last night was tons of fun. Thanks everyone.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #7 Posted: Dec 19 2013 6:01PM

How about Saturday the 28th for the reunion event?

Same format and time as mentioned previously.

Roll call. Who is in?

If you know someone who might want to come that does not read the board please contact them. E.g. Tim, Richard, etc.



Author: Superfly Reply #8 Posted: Dec 20 2013 2:33AM

Too funny ... I say we have Freddy part deux Sunday afternoon say around 4 pm. Then when all the Noobs show up later .. we all leave to where we are welcome.

At least Freddy brought new balls .

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #9 Posted: Dec 22 2013 10:24AM

I saw Paul last night and he was saying that with so few events going on these days he would prefer to see it expanded. Real singles event (start earlier and full 2/3 games race to 5) not just a warm up event as I suggested (one game race to 7.

My thoughts are to maybe even have a full on Open Singles and Open Doubles format for bragging rights of "Best in Vancouver". Open Singles at 5. Open Dubs at 9. $10 entry per event 60/30/10 split. Or back to my first suggestion of Warmup singles and BYP Roto Dubs. Whatever...

I am open to any changes. So, laid back Vancouver foosers - what is your preference?

Is anyone calling Moya, Slow, Mitch and others?

Pete, are you coming?

Craig, Jeff, Robert, Earl and others - what are your thoughts?



Author: dfnder Reply #10 Posted: Dec 23 2013 11:02PM

I am unsure, it will be last minute decision for me unfortunately. I will try to make it.
Moya may be out of town on that date, maybe she will post.

Author: Robert G Reply #11 Posted: Dec 24 2013 12:54AM

I like the full singles idea but is anyone going to make it that early to make it worth doing...

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #12 Posted: Dec 24 2013 8:48AM

So, if Paul, you and I are there that is three to start. Also, expecting Tuan to make it. Jeff and Earl should be there but not sure what time. We need more pre-registrations to know for sure. How about this?

Best in Vancouver - City Championship and Reunion Event
Saturday December 28 at Soho
Open Singles at 5 pm (entry fee $10).
BYP Open Doubles at 9 pm (time approx & entry fee $10).

If you preregister here, or by phone, or by confirmed text message take $2 off each event entry fee. Wear either a super sexy shirt for the ladies or else a super ugly shirt for another dollar off each event. 60/30/10 split of the pots plus a certificate confirming your "Best in Vancouver" status.

Plus, I will bring in some Shanghai Foosball t-shirts but not sure how many or how to distribute. Plus, see your old friends! What is not to love?

Glen, can we get a drink special for players?

Pre-register now or at least before December 27 @ noon for your discounts and so we can lock down the singles event and starting time. Please make some phone calls to bump our numbers. Eric & VanIslanders in?

Of course rookies welcome and this is a great way to learn. Nasty trash talking will be subject to fines and not tolerated!


778 980 4742

Author: van_can_foos Reply #13 Posted: Dec 24 2013 2:15PM

I'll be there in time for the second event, probably arriving at 8pm.

Tim is busy until later, but I think he'll come by around 10 or 11 to visit.

Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #14 Posted: Dec 26 2013 7:44AM

Sorry Paul, I tried. Ok, let's go back to Plan A.

Warmup singles At 7 pm. Join in late on the losers side for half price. One game to 7 format.

9ish BYP Roto Dubs. 2/3 games to 5.

Emphasis on fun and reconnecting with seldom seen players. Ugly shirts encouraged.

C u there...


Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #15 Posted: Dec 28 2013 12:00PM

Tonight is the night. Warmup singles at 7. BYP Roto Dubs around 9ish. I will be down at 5 or 6 for a bite and a little practice.

Hope you come out. It should be fun...


Author: ButHeDoesntLookAsian Reply #16 Posted: Dec 29 2013 3:36PM

A big thank you to all that made it out last night.

I am not sure about my schedule from here on in but expect to be around for at least one or two more nights of foosball at Soho before I head back.

See you then!


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