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Topic: Vegas 2014 Roll Call

Author: Darcy Original Message Posted: Jan 13 2014 10:21AM

Hey guys, just curious who's going from Canada this year.

From Edmonton, that I know of:

Darcy Scaife
Simon Edwards
Chris Kerr

Tom "If I can get a good partner" McDonald

Anyone else I'm missing from Edmonton?

What about Calgary?

Author: byates Reply #1 Posted: Jan 13 2014 3:24PM

Brent Yates
Jeremy Rans
Barry Willick

I THINK Mike Sylvester and Jason Belhumeur also plan on going, no word on whether thats official yet.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Jan 13 2014 5:22PM

List is growing from AB:

Darcy Scaife
Simon Edwards
Chris Kerr
Will Stranks
Christof Djakovic
Karli Schiebelbein
Cam Burrows

Tom Mcdonald
Ray and Candace Robichaud
Garry Burgardt
Kyle Wells

From Calgary
Linda Ly
Brian Loeppky
Matt Bottros
Tim Wilson
Tony Tong
Darrel Popsandwich

Eric Goodman
Mike guy
Nate guy

Author: Nathan S Reply #3 Posted: Jan 13 2014 6:00PM


Paul Gee
Ted Archibald
Bryan Burgess
Nathan Streifel

Author: Nathan S Reply #4 Posted: Jan 31 2014 11:36AM

Ted is no longer going, so I am looking for a partner for the Pro/Elite/Open events. Send me an email at if interested.

Author: Nathan S Reply #5 Posted: Jan 31 2014 11:40AM

And for handicapped/mixed as well. Thanks

Author: Darcy Reply #6 Posted: Feb 5 2014 11:07AM

Maybe check with Goodman, last I heard he wasn't hooked up but probably going?

Author: Darcy Reply #7 Posted: Feb 5 2014 11:21AM

And for handicapped/mixed as well. Thanks

Does that mean you were going to play with Ted for Handicapped and mixed too?

Author: Nathan S Reply #8 Posted: Feb 6 2014 12:24PM

Yes, Ted's operation as semi-successful. He would prefer that everyone starts calling him Theodora now.

I have sent a FB request to Goodman, thanks for the heads up.

Author: Chris.K Reply #9 Posted: Feb 20 2014 3:22PM

Hello all, this is Chris Kerr from Edmonton. I am also looking for some partners for Vegas.

I am still looking in Open, Pro and Elite. Not that I belong in Pro and Elite, I just like to play them :)

Author: Pixel Reply #10 Posted: Mar 6 2014 8:06AM

Late update from Toronto:

Kane Gabriel
Carlo Choi
Adrianne Lee
Nhu Tran
Mario Iannuzzi

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