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Author: dfnder Original Message Posted: Feb 26 2014 11:57AM

Currently I am working at increasing tournament exposure for Rookies and Beginners to help grow the tournament base. I hope this link works for the current promotion.


Around the beginning of the Summer there will be a small Open Event for the experienced Fooser. I will keep you posted.

I have created a group FoosballU to assist in contacting people about events.

cheers, Peter

Author: Nelson Reply #1 Posted: Mar 6 2014 4:22PM

Any chance of doing a Vancouver Open at the beginning of summer. I know that a lot of Portland/Seattle people would come, maybe even some Albertans. I'd imagine you could probably move some of the dining tables at Soho and put in another 4 tables for the weekend.

Author: dfnder Reply #2 Posted: Mar 6 2014 5:44PM

Well we can run a few DYP's closer to Summer and see how the interest is. A small tournament for sure is possible for the locals.

In the past there has never been a real issue getting players from out of town to come to Vancouver for a tournament. Also the local hard core always show up but where our tournaments usually fall short is the lack of mid level to rookie support. I am more concerned with growing a sustainable group of new players that will ensure that we have a solid group of competitive to elite players - I think we all want that. Start small and grow from there, if we hold something I am not going to say "out of town" players can not come, just not going to splash cash to attract them at this time. Thanks for your interest!

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