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Topic: Dylan & Cam's win vs Tony & Paul at HOFC

Author: JeremyR Original Message Posted: Mar 12 2014 2:15PM

For those who weren't there, the video below is of the final goal in the handicap doubles match of Dylan Phoung & Cam Burrows vs Paul Smith & Tony Spredeman. Paul was fairly sure that Dylan spun, but there was no ref and nobody else really thought it was a spin, so the goal stood. I think in 8x slo-mo it's a bit clearer.

Author: Brilliant.Sugar Reply #1 Posted: Mar 12 2014 2:52PM

How much of the match did you film?

Author: JeremyR Reply #2 Posted: Mar 12 2014 2:53PM

In total maybe 2 or 3 minutes, not much.

Author: Brilliant.Sugar Reply #3 Posted: Mar 12 2014 3:14PM

get my push kick?

Author: Sniff Reply #4 Posted: Mar 12 2014 3:22PM

Was my verbal assault on there?

Author: JeremyR Reply #5 Posted: Mar 12 2014 3:23PM

Haha no verbal assault, stopped filming after they asked to see the video. I'll check for the push kick Cam.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #6 Posted: Mar 12 2014 4:12PM

Nice Spin

Author: JeremyR Reply #7 Posted: Mar 12 2014 4:30PM

Cam - only other goal I have is a missed pass of Dylan's.

Author: Brilliant.Sugar Reply #8 Posted: Mar 12 2014 5:56PM

You didn't by chance get the whole game against Todd, did you? I'd love to watch that match again! I also want to listen to Jeff making fun of everyone we beat again

Author: Dylan Reply #9 Posted: Mar 12 2014 6:30PM

I wanna see the pass before that where tony gave the jar

Author: JeremyR Reply #10 Posted: Mar 12 2014 7:05PM

I have more of the match with Todd but not the whole thing. I'll upload the rest of what I have.

Author: JeremyR Reply #11 Posted: Mar 13 2014 11:09AM

Here's everything I have that was worth posting:

Author: Sniff Reply #12 Posted: Mar 13 2014 2:05PM

I don't think it was a spin. You get 360 after, and the handle didn't leave Dylan's arm. It looks awkward, but, it's too much of a judgement call over a few degrees here.

Author: byates Reply #13 Posted: Mar 19 2014 11:49AM

Aww man we should have recorded the verbal assault. The beer throw was awesome.

Author: SEVENSTAR Reply #14 Posted: Mar 20 2014 4:18PM

haha. oh man.. the expressions in the last moment of the video are awesome.

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