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Author: dfnder Original Message Posted: Apr 7 2014 8:06PM

Well a few people have come up to me asking about regular or scheduled DYP's and when they would start.

I was wondering which day would work best for the majority of players.

That being said I do have some thoughts... I am continuing to run the Rookie/Beginner tournaments on the first Sunday of the month with hopes of running additional Rookie tournaments when interest warrants it. I also would like to keep the day off of current function days (Wednesday, Friday) as they are established. I work Monday-Friday, all sorts of shifts, so my personal preference is the second Sunday of the month. I would be open to most days of the week but for 3 weeks out of nine I will be unable to attend.

What are your thoughts? Any feedback is good... I think :)


Author: dfnder Reply #1 Posted: Apr 12 2014 5:18PM

No desire for regular DYP's or just general indecision? I think rather that many do not read this forum, but I will wait until May to decide if, what and when. Cheers

Author: Nelson Reply #2 Posted: Apr 13 2014 4:16PM

2nd sunday sounds good to me.

Author: dfnder Reply #3 Posted: Apr 23 2014 12:08AM

Yeah lets give it a shot, hmmm Rookies $5 and above that $10. If there is a clear line that can be drawn for Pro-Am I think we should go that way but as I dont know players skill so much right now I will need some help and advice - I am sure we can work through it. :) Not sure people want to play for more, comments on anything are welcome.

So second Sunday of the month, I think Wednesday could be better but lets try this for the time being. Maybe the Wednesday crowd could pipe in with their thoughts as I would like to hear what they think.


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