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Topic: Any Future AB Tournaments this year? Brian & Will?

Author: Bush Doctor Original Message Posted: Apr 16 2014 4:49PM

Just wondering if Foosball tourney's are a thing of the past! here in Alberta.

Author: Darcy Reply #1 Posted: Apr 21 2014 2:47PM

I'm not sure if Will still checks this board. I think he mainly just does facebook now.

Author: BriL Reply #2 Posted: Apr 25 2014 4:11PM

Hey Ivor I do not have plans for a tournament at present. The big factor is sourcing enough tables at a reasonable rate. I will be putting on a larger DYP in 2 weeks.

Author: perennial underdog Reply #3 Posted: May 5 2014 3:20PM

When 2 of Canada's best players(Ivor and Brian) begin talking about a tourney, it gives me hope that there may in fact be a tournament this summer.

When Brian and Andy,or for that matter our friend Will up north,put their minds to it,a tournament is not only possible but likely.I hope this posting serves as a little bit more encouragement towards that end.

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