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Topic: Vegas turnout

Author: BriL Original Message Posted: Jan 14 2015 11:15AM

Looks like there will be at least 10 players from Calgary going to HOFC. Should be a good Canadian turnout.

Author: Superfly Reply #1 Posted: Jan 14 2015 3:09PM

About a dozen or so I'm guessing from Vancouver.

Author: S. Edwards Reply #2 Posted: Jan 15 2015 10:21PM

I think there is about 4 from Edmonton. Maybe more. I'm looking for partners for PD and OD. Prefer to play goal. Email me if your interested.

Author: PaulG Reply #3 Posted: Jan 19 2015 7:38AM

Should be 3 of us from Regina going to Vegas as well. (Brian Burgess, Jeff Schneider, Paul Gee)

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