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Topic: new foosball app - looking for feedback

Author: foosghost Original Message Posted: May 4 2015 3:40AM

So i've had this idea in my head for a while to either improve my current app (iRefFoos) or make a new one.

The thought is this: instead of hitting a 10 or 15 second button to start timers, why not show an image of a foosball table on the phone, and then allow the user to just touch the rod where the ball is.

So if the ball is on the 5, you touch the 5 on the phone. if he makes a pass to the 3, then you touch the 3 - if he scores, then you touch the goal, etc.

Simply by touching along with the travels of the ball, the app should be able to keep track of all types of stats (like pass attempts, shot attempts, etc).

So i build a quick prototype of how this could work - i apologize the how ugly it looks - but just wanted to see if people would find it useful, and allow for some feedback before polishing it up with some nice graphics (something i'm not very good at - so will take much longer than this prototype did).

Here's a link to it to see it running in your browser.

Give it try - let me know what you think.

A couple of things i'm thinking of adding, is a replayable - play by play of the game. also showing average time taken per rod, and adding time outs, and resets etc. any other ideas, i'm all ears!

Author: dfnder Reply #1 Posted: May 5 2015 7:46PM

Looks good and seems to function well - CHEERS

Author: dfnder Reply #2 Posted: May 6 2015 1:07AM

Actually it would be nice to have the option to switch between the two apps

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