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Topic: The 2015 Alberta Open

Author: greg Original Message Posted: May 13 2015 5:23PM

I'm going to take a really positive attitude and just say I'm running this tourney, it's going to happen and I need some volunteers,

A co director who will actually run it cause to be honest I work weekends and aren't even sure if I can be there the whole time. Plus i'm just going to delegate a lot of this stuff and see if it works.

Event coordinator, to track down and suitable location in Red Deer, a hotel or something. I'm thinking either one or six weeks before worlds, but it is certainly open.

A minimum of six guys or so who are willing to bring their tables for the weekend and get half the plugs and that.

There really is going to be enough interest in this that we will overcome all the obstacles and have an absolute blast, nothing but fun..

Author: greg Reply #1 Posted: May 13 2015 9:56PM

proly in oct.

Author: Darcy Reply #2 Posted: Jul 30 2015 10:39AM

Do people even play in Red Deer?

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Jun 8 2016 11:45AM

How did we do with this?

Author: BriL Reply #4 Posted: Jun 16 2016 9:20PM

Just finished running an amateur tournament and I am now looking at running a semi-pro/expert tournament and an open tournament this summer or fall. Both would be single day tournaments with doubles and singles.

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