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Topic: 2015 Alberta Open, update,

Author: greg Original Message Posted: Jun 26 2015 4:14PM

OK, I've been looking into this just a bit, phoned a couple of hotels. One says 1200 for the space, rooms 135. If we get 60 guys, 40 bucks apiece for either plugs, or a one time playing fee to open the tables all weekend. That covers the space and tables, 200 to each guy who brings a table. The place I like, haven't heard back yet but the space is connected to the lounge at Moxies, sweet but adults only.

Thing is, we're going to have to throw down pretty soon because there's weddings and stuff and the space won't last. So how about it? Can we get the tables? If we can the players will come.

(Warning, smack talk coming up so if you're easily offended stop reading.)

Calcutta, absolutely, because 6 weeks ago when I first started looking into this I couldn't really have told you why. But now after seeing how I'm playing, well you guys don't really have a chance and plus I could buy myself for a song too, so yes Calcutta, if I can just suck enough of you guys into it. The PM's across western Canada would feel better about their game if they could get over their fears, show some courage and throw some support behind this tourney, losing to me is nothing to be ashamed of. And I might not even play because I'll be too busy running it anyways.

Golly it is amazing how confident a person gets when they haven't really played for a while. Like I am so close to just saying I've got 25 bucks that says I'm the best player in Calgary, that's 2 out of 3, 5 game rubbers, any where any time. Haven't said it yet but I'm getting there, any takers? Talk me into it. You do realize that if I won, the PM's would lose interest in this Red Deer thing faster then Darrel's left hook. ) LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

Author: greg Reply #1 Posted: Jun 27 2015 1:04PM

K, the guy at Moxies loves the idea, but his regional manager thinks it's the same thing as moving in a bunch of VLT's for the weekend. At last word there is still potential, I'll find out next week.

I would/will bring my table but it's a Fireball home model. Having a multi-table event might have some support but I doubt it. Personally I would love to play multi table in Europe someday, but not in Red Deer. I'd rather it be all Tornado.

About that smack talk, don't take it seriously. What would I know about how a PM feels about their game? You have all had some great results, and yes I'd like some input here but there are plenty of semi-pros and that who could bring their tables. It's not on one group to make this happen, it's about all of us.

The money match, yeah, I'm good for it. I'm not that smart with my money, I just feel like playing.

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #2 Posted: Jun 30 2015 11:01PM

these thread are not really going any where bump these threads

Author: Darcy Reply #3 Posted: Jul 30 2015 11:38AM

If you could throw a tournament in Red Deer you'd get support from both Edmonton and Calgary... but it would be next to impossible to get yourself enough Tornado tables to make it worthwhile.

Author: greg Reply #4 Posted: Jul 30 2015 4:06PM

K, I wish I had something nice to say but I don't, I'm sorry. At this point I'm not even sure I should be the one trying to get this thing running.

I have one Fireball table and have talked to someone else who said they would bring their Tornado if they had to. That is what it comes down to. If we can get the tables we could conceivably have the tourney. If you could possibly encourage the owner/operator/promoter in your area to bring one of their tables, that could help a lot. These are the people who benefit the most so it's only fitting that they shoulder most of the inconvenience.

Another thing is that I would need help to run it, I couldn't do it all myself.

Like I was saying, I'm not sure I'm even right for this, but as it stands, like before, it looks like it could be possible but it would take the involvement of others with time and tables. If you want this tourney to happen then talk to the people in your area and see if we can get the help we need. I was thinking of talking to SML but the last time they told me they were out of foos.

It wouldn't be anything fancy, DYP, OS, OD, AS, AD, and maybe a little more depending, and trophies. Whether we could even do it in Oct, it might be too late, but if this ball gets rolling then who knows ... .

If you can't get anyone in your area interested then we can try agian next year. Sorry, if I had tables maybe things would be different, and maybe they wouldn't. Tournies are a massive hassle so I get why people wouldn't want to get involved

Author: Darcy Reply #5 Posted: Jul 31 2015 1:01PM

I feel for you, I do. I don't think most foosers appreciate how much work it takes to run a tournament, much less a league. It's next to impossible to run one by yourself in a remote location and no tables to speak of.

I'd love to attend, but I wouldn't recommend running one unless you're totally committed. It's not worth it.

Author: BriL Reply #6 Posted: Aug 1 2015 11:54AM

We have 2 tables at Juliet's, just need 2-3 more tables

Author: greg Reply #7 Posted: Aug 3 2015 5:20PM

Still feeling like a POS, and proly wouldn't even attend, nothing on u guys, just cause of the way sort of I feel, and plus I also suspect my game is OK but I always think that and I'd proly just get my butt kicked but in a fun way, anyways,

If for example Tony T wanted to bring his table to Juliets, or Brian wanted to bring his tables to Red Deer, these guys could use some help. If u have time and interest and there is some one who might bring a table, if you could offer to help with the set up and tear down X 2, that might be all it takes to get another table, and get a tourney going, at Juliets or in Red Deer. This could really be fun but people are going to have to step up and help out.

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #8 Posted: Aug 3 2015 10:06PM

please please kill these dam threats

Author: dfnder Reply #9 Posted: Aug 3 2015 11:38PM

You get the tables and I will come and run your tournament.


Author: Darcy Reply #10 Posted: Aug 4 2015 12:32PM

Not running a tournament because you feel you don't have a good shot at placing well isn't a good excuse. What I'd use, if I were you, is that the general Fooser population is complacent, entitled, and there's next to no money or appreciation to incentivize organizers.

It's unfortunate because Alberta has some of the best players in the country and if we really put some effort in I'm sure we could find a way to make it worth it.

Author: greg Reply #11 Posted: Aug 4 2015 4:28PM

Wow, this is so close to happening, thanks everyone.I think Brians idea of just having it at Juliets is best, 2 tables are already there and the food's actually not bad. Awesome that Peter has offered to help, it bodes well for BC participation. I really hope this happens as Western Canadian Foos could really use it. All we need is 3 more tables !!!

Author: greg Reply #12 Posted: Aug 6 2015 6:00PM

Sorry for my tone and saying the food at Juliet's is not bad. The food's great and the location and people who go there, the staff, patrons and players are all fabulous in every respect. I personally am a little disappointed with the location just because I was just hoping to have the tourney at a hotel. But this is better and the players who attend Brian and Peters tourney are all going to make it the best tourney ever. Tourneys at Juliets Castle have always been absolutely great.

To get the tables you might try finding 5 or 6 guys in an area ( Ed, Cal, Sask, ? ) with tables, and they would be willing to bring "if they had too", And then have these guys draw straws to see which guy gets the short straw and "has to" bring his table. Then just tell Brian and this tournament really could happen. Is that too much to ask? Maybe, it's not me, but the tourney, It's an amazing thing, and agian, such a pain for Brian and Peter it's just hard to believe they have potentially agreed to put up with it once agian.

Author: tony Reply #13 Posted: Aug 10 2015 7:45PM

Greg Ustina...don't apologize for asking for help. and you don't have to make any excuses either you don't owe western Canada foosball a thing...

Peter Tielens...nice offer. Wonderful to see you...come visit if you can...

Mike Pain....who are you? Is your nickname appropriate or should we request you change a certain vowel from A to U? Can the flat landers pls comment?

If you guys want to do up a tourney at JC's I would volunteer my coin op. But if there's damage I'd ask for replaced parts...I'm not about to lug it up to red deer....

Brian....why not do a dual one day tourney? Beginners and newbies on one day...and tour seasoned players on another. One day done. Then travellers can leave. 4-5 tables would likely be enough...I'm sure i have a cpl of friends with coin ops who would give a little back....doubles singles....there are likely enough corp challenge people who'd play a 1 day event if it wasn't cost prohibitive or time consuming...

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