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Topic: Is there Any Foos In Nanaimo

Author: rgh2099 Original Message Posted: Dec 3 2015 8:42AM

Does anyone know if there are any foosers that play regularly in Nanaimo BC.

I may be there in April and would be looking to play somewhere.

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #1 Posted: Dec 9 2015 1:58PM

it seem like no foosball anymore at all no new posting being made over months it seems like sask foos went dead
again and it look like also saskfoos history for good

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #2 Posted: Jan 3 2016 5:00PM

well rgh2099 if be there in April it looks like you be
playing with your self

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #3 Posted: Jan 3 2016 5:14PM

bold/ Barry is the founder of Sask foos where is he
i know he sitting there watching all these boring
dead threats if someone write a threat on here
dead because nobody does even reply to the threat just reads it and just says oh well just another threat
it does not matter anyway nobody play Foosball anymore i even went and ask about the next event is and nobody reply at all long back ago this happen the first time long time ago for near three year Sask foos was dead

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #4 Posted: Jan 3 2016 5:21PM

i see there one a week on Wednesday night Wednesday Nights DYP Sports On Tap 2606 Lorne Ave im off work that day lets just see when i show up if anybody even show up for the event Wednesday night there

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