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Topic: 2016 Western Canada - World Championship Qualifier

Author: WillStranks Original Message Posted: Jun 22 2016 3:21PM

It's been a long time since I posted on this board... lets see if it goes a little smoother this time around.

I've been in discussion with the Table Soccer Association of Canada about having a tournament this year in Western Canada. The goal of the tournament would be to qualify players for the World Championships in Germany. Earlier this year there was a qualifier in Ottawa which saw a few players qualify, but I've requested that we have the same opportunity.

The event could be run in any of the Western Canadian cities - depending on what makes the most sense (tables and location).

Likely events would include: Open Singles and Open Doubles, Am Singles and Doubles, DYP, maybe a Pro/Am of some sort.

The earliest this could be would be late August.

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #1 Posted: Jun 22 2016 3:48PM

Sounds like an idea with possibilities, the struggle might be the multi table aspect. I don't know of any Bonzini's, Leonhart's, Garlando's or Roberto Sport's out this way. Any idea how one could be qualified for those without playing them? Either that or this will end up needing some serious planning to get those out here!

Author: WillStranks Reply #2 Posted: Jun 22 2016 4:56PM

The qualifier would just be on Tornado

Author: Born_Fooser Reply #3 Posted: Jun 22 2016 9:54PM

I think Edmonton might have the most available tables and is reasonably central. I think it depends on how many from Vancity would be interested.

Author: WillStranks Reply #4 Posted: Jun 23 2016 2:25PM

I've also talked to Cam about doing it in Vancouver.

If we are copying the format used in the Ottawa qualifier, we really won't need that many tables. The thing is, that format is really only for the pro's. They did a round robin qualifier with the best from each group playing off in a single elim bracket I believe.

There were no Am events or dyps or anything like that.

That format is easy because you can schedule each group one table for a set amount of time. Even on two tables we could get through 6 groups of 4 in one afternoon with the single elim bracket in the evening.

The benefit is that it is a quick and accurate way to figure out who deserves to qualify. The downside is there isn't much foosball to be played for anyone but the victors of the open level, and it wouldn't make much sense to travel unless you thought you had a serious shot at winning.

If we want to run something that is more like a typical tournament we would need more tables.

- has a couple of great locations that we could run the event in
- is a nice city so it would be a better vacation for travelling players
- has quite a few very good players/high end players - some that have never represented the national team (looking at Tuan)
- Cam has done wonders with the newer player scene, we could have a really competitive beginner/amateur event

This is all depending on what the TSAC review of our application would be, but I figure if we can sort out tables/location/dates ahead of time they would be more likely to give us the qualifier.

Author: BriL Reply #5 Posted: Jun 28 2016 7:03PM

As mentioned on the Alberta Open thread I am planning on running an open doubles/singles tournament and a expert/semi-pro doubles/singles tournament late summer or early fall. We have 3 T3000 tables now at Juliets Castle. Just finished running the amateur tournament in early June.

Author: TR Reply #6 Posted: Jul 5 2016 3:48PM

Run it in Fall

Author: WillStranks Reply #7 Posted: Jul 13 2016 5:32PM

The tournament flier is posted now! Dates are August 19-21 in Vancouver. Check for any further updates!

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