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Topic: Calgary Open

Author: BriL Original Message Posted: Aug 18 2016 10:08AM

Calgary Open foos tournament September 24. Location Juliets Castle, 440 16 Ave NE. Open Doubles 1 pm, Open Singles 4 pm. 3 T 3000 tornado tables. Trophies 1st and 2nd plus cash payouts. Pro entry $30, Semi/Expert $20, Amateur $15, based on Calgary rankings. See poster on CalgaryFoos facebook group.

Author: NSorial Reply #1 Posted: Sep 16 2016 12:00AM

My partner just cancelled on me. Does anybody wanna team up for doubles?

Author: BriL Reply #2 Posted: Sep 25 2016 5:22PM

1. Matt B Will S
2. Darrel P Eric G
3. Nathan V Zoe L
4. Ivor D Brian L
5/6. Simon E Christian D, Linda L Darcy S

1. Matt B
2. Christian D
3. Eric G
4. Linda L
5/6. Will S, Darrel P

Thanks to all the players for supporting the tournament.

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