Topic: Anybody showing up tonight?

Author: TR Original Message Posted: Mar 16 2017 8:42AM

I know Vegas just finished some might be a little foosed out....

Author: BriL Reply #1 Posted: Mar 16 2017 8:48AM

I will be heading down.

Author: Nick in Denver Reply #2 Posted: Mar 19 2017 6:55PM

I'll be in town from Saturday the 25th through Tuesday the 28th. Any foosball going on at Juliet's during that time?


Author: BriL Reply #3 Posted: Mar 22 2017 12:27PM

Hey Nick. Try to post on the CalgaryFoos facebook group. May get a few takers as Thursday is the normal foos night.

Author: Nick in Denver Reply #4 Posted: Mar 23 2017 11:08AM


Author: Ancient1 Reply #5 Posted: Mar 23 2017 2:59PM

Yes, I am going.

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