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Topic: Expert (semi pro) tournament April 29 Calgary

Author: BriL Original Message Posted: Mar 22 2017 1:52PM

I am planning an expert/semi-pro tournament Saturday April 29 at Juliet's Castle (no pro ranked players allowed). Singles and doubles. Trophies for 1st and 2nd along with cash payouts. Will post flyer soon.

General rule if someone has 1300 of more IFP points in any category they are pro. There may be other players with less than 1300 points who are pro. I will speak to the local promoter if needed. Any questions send to Brian at

Author: BriL Reply #1 Posted: Mar 22 2017 2:22PM

For updated info see the CalgaryFoos public facebook group.

Author: BriL Reply #2 Posted: Apr 18 2017 11:05AM

Doubles 12:30 pm, singles 3:30.Entry fee $20 for experts and $10 for amateur per event. Top placing amateur doubles team wins $40 singles $20

Author: BriL Reply #3 Posted: Apr 30 2017 10:48AM

Expert Doubles
1. Christof D Roger P
2. Nathan S Brian B
3. Lee R Matt R
4. Tarras B Max M

Expert Singles
1. Nathan S
2. Roger P
3. Christof D
4. Mike L
5/6 Yoni P, Ray R

thanks for all the support and the players travelling from Edmonton and Regina!!!

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