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Topic: saskatoon_fooschamp

Author: byates Original Message Posted: Oct 3 2018 8:11PM

Hey "saskatoon_fooschamp", I've noticed you like to complain a lot when nobody is playing foosball on Wednesdays. Tonight (and every Wednesday night) is your chance! I'm even giving you a personal thread dedicated to alerting you!

Really sorry about the other nights that you "waited for hours and nobody was around"... Hopefully this personal invite makes it up to you see you tonight!

Author: byates Reply #1 Posted: Oct 10 2018 6:01PM

Well since we didn't see you last week fooschamp, here's your notice for this week! There was 8 of us there all well before 8pm, where were you?

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #2 Posted: Oct 25 2018 9:23PM

byates well i wrote few posting and it seems like sask foosball went down hill again the last real posting was march 14th 2018 with only one reply only no body knows what the further of saskfoosball right now i even wanted to play foosball because i was so bored because i had nothing to do not Barry did not write one message on the message board for a long time i maybe think saskfoos is history for good for sure this time no bring saskfoos back to alive

Author: byates Reply #3 Posted: Nov 14 2018 5:03PM

Barry is coming out tonight! See for yourself on this facebook link: (the latest post is today).

Last week we had 10 players, and the week before we had 14. But we didn't have you... how come?

Personal invite again! See you tonight at 8pm at Sports on Tap! This is your third personal invite!

Author: saskatoon_fooschamp Reply #4 Posted: Nov 15 2018 9:46PM

very sorry i did not see your posting until now
i did check in message board but i never see any reply
or new message i check it ever three days after i did the posting on the message board i posted my message October 25th so i thought it be same has always and i would love have a game Foosball with you and i have fun i hope we can still do it one week Sports on Tap plays some Foosball

sorry again

Author: JJ Schneider Reply #5 Posted: Dec 1 2018 3:38PM


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