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Topic: DYP April 27, Foosballers movie

Author: BriL Original Message Posted: Apr 24 2019 8:26AM

There will be a DYP tournament Saturday April 27 at 12 pm. Juliets Castle 440 16 Ave NE.

The movie Foosballers will be showing at the Globe cinema ( 617 8 Ave SW, Calgary) at 6:30 pm April 27. It follows some of the top Americans on tour leading up to the 2016 Tornado World Championships. Linda Ly makes a appearance in the film.

Author: BriL Reply #1 Posted: May 5 2019 6:03PM

1.       Linda Ly Lee R
2.       Will S Christof D
3.       Tim W Karli C ?
4.       Ivor D Andrew R

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